Will bitcoin drop lower? 🦑



Full time focus mate… Sparky cant remember 30 mins …he has no idea if he holds BTC or not… :rofl:
lets say his basket is half empty… :rofl:


Bielsa signs for Leeds…Fuck Everything…
Im never coming off this cloud… 3313… happy as fuck!

But note my charting lessons peeps…football does not buy BTC! :joy:


good analysis. I see it the same way.


The only smart banksters are the banksters that are leaving their crooked trade and moving into crypto. The hell with all the others criminals.


I would appreciate your input much more if I could understand it. Can you dumb it down a bit such that a hilljack might catch your meaning? I understand leetorres chart with the pointy stick pointing down.


Sooo… he’s saying go all in? Done!


Reading between the lines, I’d say it’s time to sell my rented house and put my son and wife on the black market. I think they’ll understand.:crossed_fingers:


Yes mate…no worries…
Im using the bottom indicators to guess momentum…Price might be moving down but these indicators are not.there is divergence between the two.
The first one is the awesome oscillator with a signal line added,you dont really need to know how its put together just that it works most of the time.Im sure the histogram is elliot wave based, maybe Jacko can explain how that occurs.
The second is On Balance Volume with a basic trend line…this actually works great and is simple.Pull it up and draw trends on it and you can see price reverse at these points.
VPVR is a paid for indicator that I know nothing about and was just asking Doc a few questions…If a stop run would show up on it. Hope that helps mate.Happy trading…


So I was just listening to the Crypto 101 podcast. They had (I think) the CEO / creator of VRC & VRM on.
During the course of the interview, he said he fully expected BTC to continue downwards, perhaps to $3000 mark & then the bounce to occur in 2020 after the halvening.
Apparently he’s writing a blog about his predictions.

*Bielsa to Leeds is a fantastic appointment!


and in 2020 will already be 20 000 dollars? Does he not write this?


There is no way I can see btc hovering around 3k until 2020, espically if a ETF gets announced and used. Big players are already looking for ways in which they can add crypto currencies and bitcoin into their funds, investors are now starting to say we want it as a diversified option in our portfolios.

That number will only grow as the market does, network effect is one hell of a powerful thing. Right now it’s pretty speculative, everyone can agree on that. But as the space matures, solid crypto currencies and utility tokens are likley to find their way into peoples portfolios.

The halving is likley to be one of those huge anticipated events, no doubt. But that is a hell of a lot of water under the bridge between now and then, plus if 2020 halving only creates a “bounce” well then god have mercy on us all.

Overall the market is doing okay, yes we’ve been in a downtrend for sometime, and I don’t think I we are over yet. But we have to always keep perspective on this very young market, and the investments we’ve made.

Remain patient, keep educating yourself and don’t let this market get you down. This is the price we pay for being early investors.


It just means your btc and ETH are legal. Had they said ETH is a security any American trying to sell their either after could be charged with selling and unregistered security.


Heads up for all, i have used USDT now since the end of February and have always felt as comfortable as one could feel with it. That is up until today i have hear and read the whispers becoming louder and louder around this now and have now pulled my entire USTD out of the space and parked it in Fiat ( i know i know dirty fiat and all that shit ) theres a storm brewing guys maybe it will blow over maybe it wont but 1 things for sure i’d rather be safe than sorry :call_me_hand:


@Jacko1988 why didn’t you convert to TUSD rather than fiat?


and the difference between these is ???


TUSD is actually certified and audited.


Also I think there is reasonable ground for suspicion that tether was used to prop up the bullrun up to 20k. Which would mean it was all fake and a scam. If that is true and is proven I think bitcoin will really struggle to bring in the in this big money we’re told is coming. From what I have researched it looks very plausible. No sane person would want to park large sums of money in that.


by who ??? :smirk: kahdkah




Has he held though ?
Also do we even know that’s true? Is it verified or fake news

This tells a very different picture of big players holding. Hence the pryimid scheme