Will bitcoin drop lower? 🦑



Yes, I see what you’re saying. Thanks. Hope we get a volume push soon.


I’m just watching it bounce off 8500 support/resistance back and forth.

No volume or momentum whatsoever so it fails to break 8350 below and 8650 above. Not even enough movement to make any profit.


Is litecoin good coin to transfer btc to if it goes down to test another support line?


this is what I see …


Just had confirmation from my employer I’ll be getting paid a bonus at the end of Feb.

Looks like I’ll be using some of it to purchase more btc and improve my btc position :sunglasses:

Hope current prices hold till then and we don’t have a mini moon shot before :blush:


I think Litecoin tracks a lot to BTC. If you’re not against Tether that’s your best bet.


As far as I know the sec meeting is at 10am UTC. So that’s a few hours from now. Any predictions?


Nice day to have 30% of your portfolio in LTC. Even if it comes back down I’ve been waiting to see some green.


More like it blew up and went through 9k…


Love seeing that breakout a bit ago. :8bitcoin::8bitcoin::8bitcoin:




I think its the Ebay looking to accept crypto news… :thinking:


How do I buy into Bitpay!


Any news from the SEC meeting?..


The one from last week ?


its at like 10 today


You’re just like the announcement, only saying “10 am” but not mentioning a time zone. :stuck_out_tongue:


haha merica’ time…i dont know lol i think 2-3 hours


I believe one of the reason to this increase in price is on South Korea’s announcement of having no ban for Exchanges.


Its not sec its cftc meeting. Agenda was released on monday.