Will Yen allow us to build partnerships?


I was thinking about this today. Yen seems like it will be a powerful networking tool, considering it will have a marketplace/payment network built into it.

Potentially, Yen could be used to create business partnerships, is this something that has been considered?

Hypothetical Example:

I want to create a co-youtube channel with someone on a topic, let’s say the show robot wars. We create videos talking about the show robot wars, we have two podcast hosts, a sound guy, a webdeveloper, and a social media manager.

Could I build a team for my project on yen and allocate auotmatic payouts of proceeds to members of the team? Say 35% to the podcast hosts, 10% to the sound guy, 10% to the webdeveloper, and 10% to the social media manager?

Would folks be able to navigate to a page for our robot wars production and see a link to the individual YEN profiles for all of the people who work on our project? Would I have the ability to make our payouts publically viewable and fully transparent?

Am I even in the right ball park here with the kinds of features yen will offer?


“Will” versus “Can”…

We are still considering what to bake in for version 1.0… but this idea is fantastic.

I want to think this over, but, you’ve captured a lot of the spirit of what we are trying to build.



I can picture it now “I need a sound mixer guy for my new podcast, let me browse through the sound tech wizard category on yen. Oh yeah hey! This guy worked on robot wars! I’ve got to send him an offer to join my new partnership.”


our hope is that this new tool will help you find folks who are aligned with you and your interests. … you can take it from there.


what about user profiles? will users be allowed to create as many accounts as they wish like reddit? or will one account be tied to just one individual somehow? not sure if i asked it correctly but so many micro task sites are flawed because bad actors can constantly create multiple user accounts and identities. i wish there was a way where people are literally allowed one account and they truly do their best to not fuck it up with good rep and feedback from a community.


there’s almost no way to stop bad actors… but, i believe that the system will reward good behavior and flush out the bad.


If I meet a gal on the exchange irl and she is significantly heavier than her pics, will I be punished for ending the date early or rewarded for smashing the meal savings into BTC?

Agile process that quandary bro


It’s going to be up to you to decide which is more worth smashing. That’s the beauty of Yen.io


i believe that you’ll have the opportunity to do just that… … … :thinking:


if you take the acorns passive saver small rounding approach, but add a social element, its gonna moony mc moonpants

the angles of attack are so plentiful, the challenge is narrowing


Will YEN allow us to buy and trade?


dating on YEN.IO ?! crypto/blockchain enthusiasts fall in love on a decentralized platform?! :thinking:


That’s easy to answer. Yes.


Will Yen allow me to make that money?

YES! Answered for you :facepunch:


BIGLY yo lol! What are you building on YEN??

@heavilyarmedclown We’re on the same wavelength with that :100:


Systems surely exist for this. Automated KYC and check for duplicate passport / ID numbers etc. Nuke any offender.


Have you thought about using TCRs to help with this in yen?