Windows 10 Start Menu Breaks After Installing AMD Beta Drivers

Hi guys,

I am running an 8 card Radeon rx 580 ASUS rig using windows 10 pro. Windows works fine when I first install it but as soon as I start using the AMD drivers the start menu stops working, I cant click the icons on my task bar and I cant use the search feature.

If I keep clicking the start button using left and right clicks the tiles will eventually appear but it takes ages and doesnt always work. If I right click the start button a few time that usually brings up the options.

I have ran claymore and that keeps crashing my rig and I understand that is normal but I have spent 4 days on it now, playing with the claymore settings and it keeps crashing. I know 2 other people who have built rigs using 8 Radeon rx 580 sapphires and they are working, so I have tried using their settings multiple times and it still crashes.

I want to get windows 10 working properly before I try anything else because this could be the problem for all I know. So any help would be really appreciated!


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Can you screen shot the blue screen or does it not even blue screen? That will typically tell you what caused the crash. Can you post the specs of the rig too?

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  1. To fix the start menu run a program called tweaking tool. can be found at
  2. The miner is crashing because of your page file. Set initial size to 8192 and maximum to 16384 this page file setting will work even if you have 4GB ram. Rule of thumb is to take your RAM value and times it by 2.5 :slight_smile:
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I sometimes get a blue screen and the error is ‘device thread stuck in driver’ but sometimes it just freezes and nothing happens.

2x 4GB ram
8x Asus Radeon rx 580s
intel celeron G3900
H110 Pro BTC+ ASRock motherboard
750 Watt EVGA PSU
750 Watt HP PSU

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I tried the tool it told me to delete a claymore file so I just deleted claymore entirely and it still doesnt work. They charge a fee to fix the issue so I just did it myself.

I will try the page file size now and see if that stops it from crashing.

But windows still isnt working correctly

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Are you trying to install the AMD driver with all 8 cards plugged in?


Make sure Windows is updated. Make sure the motherboard BIOS is updated as well.

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This is why I use SMOS for all my rigs, I only use a windows machine to modify GPUs

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Oh I do too. I said screw windows after the first two weeks of mining.

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@nekko Is getting to a great point. Updating the drives with all the cards plugged in at the same time can sometimes cause drivers to not install properly or take FOOOORRRREEEEVVVEEERR. Take your rig down to 1 GPU and add them back 1 at a time after updating everything and installing drivers.


@Nekko @ImaginaryPi I have tried this already and I installed the drivers on one card and then when I put the next card in the driver was already on it which was odd.

When I had the single card in I pointed it to the correct driver so I thought this should only update that one card, then when I plugged the next card in it already had the drivers.

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No Tweaking is free. YOu can pay for pro features but download the portable version and then do a sfc scan and then click next arrows when you get the the repairs section just click start repairs wait till you get the reboot message then its done.

It should not make you remove any programs. As i work in the IT field and used this program on hundreds of machines its never removed anything. It does reset like default apps and that

Download the portable version

Extract the ZIP to a folder on your desktop and run repair windows exe

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Sorry mate I downloaded the wrong tool! I will give this one a go thanks :slight_smile:

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No prob :stuck_out_tongue: What AMD drivers are you using? Im running 6 sapphires RX 580’s using the AMD blockchain driver.

Also everytime you install new GPU drivers especially for mining you need to boot into safemode and DDU your drivers

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I am using the same drivers as you are. Once this tool has finished running and hopefully it works I will uninstall all the drivers and then do it the way you just mentioned!

So do I just need to use that tool you sent over to uninstall all my drivers?

Thanks for helping BTW

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I just finished running the tool and it didnt work :frowning: The start menu stopped working after installing the beta driver so maybe if I uninstall them and do what you just said it might work

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So tweaking tool will repair windows depending how broken your windows is it can take from 30min to 2 days for my experience with it.

DDU is just for uninstalling GPU drivers. Delete the AMD folder in the C drive also when in safemode.

in device manager in the display adapters are you seeing all the GPU’S?

When i did the one GPU driver install and then connect the others i could only see 3 cards

I installed the drivers with all the cards plugged in it took long screen goes black for some time but just leave it. It will come right after 30 min or so. This is also with an SSD

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Yeah I am seeing all of the GPU’S I will give that a go now and see what happens I will get back to you once I have finished

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Did tweaking give the white window in the middle to say reboot. Coz tweaking starts off with a disk check then and SFC scan then the windows repair. You need to go through each one. check that vid

If you seeing all the GPU’s then drivers are good. We just want to fix windows. Tweaking will do it but it seems it went waaay to fast

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I ran the sfc scan and that finished in about 10-20 minutes and it said it didnt find any problems

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