[WIP] - EPIC Bitcoin Resource List! 🚀 💣 🔥



Thanks for sharing. I’m reading this later today


Can I share it on github?


there is a github repo by JLopp.


Suggestion to add https://cryptowat.ch/ to the Realtime Exchange Data section. I think this is one of the best sites to give a global overview of the market


Crypto 101 - https://www.crypto101.io/
This site is a landing page no e-mail required for downloading an free book from github. Also has video from pycon on topic.
This is a start to finish exercise in understanding crypto with lots of math, but few code samples. goes over several types of basic crypto.


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Adding this now. Thanks my friend


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Checkout CoinDash.co is a hand-picked directory of the best cryptocurrency resources.


that coindash page is rad. thanks for posting


Hey man thanks for the post. I like the look of this site. Adding it now. You will be credited at the bottom of the list! Thanks for contributing


Great site! Thanks for posting!


This list is so darn awesome - I’m still working through it!


@asharp - review this list and add them?


Yep. I was going to talk to you about that. The original list was created just for Bitcoin. I think we need to change it to “EPIC Cryptocurrency Resource List”. Agree? @john


Or maybe a new list in bitcoin? Either that or… sub-section.


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This is absolutely epic indeed. Now I need to take a sick day so I can spend an entire day going through these great links! Thank you all for this!


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