[WIP] - EPIC Bitcoin Resource List! 🚀 💣 🔥



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It is an amazing resource this one!


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Any recent updates to this list that need to be added?


I haven’t had any users suggest anything. I’ll make adding to this list part of my November mandate


how about this new one: https://tradeblock.com/markets/


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EDIT: Looks like @peter already has a thread on these


Appreciate the New Edition on the Pub. Good Work!


(Free Ethereum & Hyperledger Fabric 101 for Developers)
(They have 8/9 week online course programs that are worthy, just my Bitcoin opinion)

(Free introduction from the pIoneers)

(Free Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies from the Linux Foundation)

(Free resources from IBM)


Great resource for the information…


I made this site as a tutorial to help people understand the basic mechanics behind Bitcoin.

My video that explains the four major ways to store Bitcoin via different types of wallets

Narrated presentation on Bitcoin

I made these, and while they’re not perfect, I had to contribute to the field. If they are of use, please consider sharing them. Thanks!


What a great list! Thanks for putting it up together! I will go through everything as soon as I can. There is no such thing as too much information :smile:


sync perhaps?