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Suggest to add Bitcoin Flip Trading game, that helps beginners to learn about cryptocurrencies.


Additional resources

What is the Blockchain?

Article - https://www.1daydude.com/what-is-the-blockchain-simply-explained/

Video - https://youtu.be/JvZ17bdnL6A


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suggested addition:

What: Crypto debit card comparison list: https://coinvigilance.com/bitcoin-debit-cards-prepaid-visa-and-mastercard-comparison/

Why: updated frequently, embeds a crowd-sourced Google doc table, has all the vaporware claims verified, went viral on Reddit, gets a lot of traffic and real comments from Bitcoin users.


Noticed there aren’t any categories for lending/borrowing products that use crypto. May I suggest including BlockFi on this list?


When a whale moved over $100m-worth of BTC to exchanges, $100m Tether tokens (USDT) were printed. BTC lost $1,000 of its value 3 days after. Everyone is asking what happened and if these events were connected? Here begins the story of the 1933-wallet. https://coinedtimes.com/the-mystery-of-the-1933-wallet/


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