Withdrawing funds


Hello everyone,

Let’s just say 5-10 years from now BTC is worth 250-500k which I believe it’s very possible. How would you withdraw all that into your account?? I know this sounds silly but it’s possible it could happen.
From what I’ve been seeing some banks will close your account unless it’s a credit union. Not sure if anyone has the answer but I figured I’d ask.


In 5 to 10 years you won’t need to…


you would sell your crypto for fiat through an exchange probably no different than the way its done now.


Over counter escrow service or small amounts at a time via a standard service.

Either way, the tax man will want to be your best friend unless you move country!

Stay Fishy


Hopefully the person I’ll be buying a house from accepts Bitcoin. And at that price, why wouldn’t they?


We are already a bank…unless you want someone else to hold your keys