Women in blockchain: eight big names of 2018


IT sphere is male-dominated; according to the statistics collected by Pinterest in 2013, they comprise approximately 88%. Researchers think that the reason lies in stereotypes: mainstream movies and series illustrate programmers as guys and all IT companies recall private men’s clubs. What is more, students lack real-life knowledge of IT sphere. They think such work is tedious and implies code digging. That is why girls choose more interesting and creative professions, in their point of view.

You will find even fewer females in cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. As Chain online publication reports, their percent doesn’t surpass 7%. Indeed, founders and top managers at booming projects (Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, and Monero) are male-owned; at any blockchain conference, hackathon or meetup, they appear a vast majority. A sex of a bitcoin’s legendary founder Satoshi Nakamoto remains unknown but he chose a male nickname. Some blockchain enthusiasts are sure that actions should be taken to attract women in the industry. That is how Women’s Coin blockchain platform appeared: this service unites women for joint work and exchange of ideas. It also supports female education.

However, we nowadays know women in blockchain that successfully manage startups, tackle legal issues and establish non-governmental organizations. We created a list of 8 females in the center of crypto community’s attention this year.

Source: https://france.bc.events/en/news/women-in-blockchain-eight-big-names-of-2018-89900 © Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France


The sooner there are a hell of a lot more women the better it’ll be!

Greedy men, with small dick hangups, have always ruined most things throughout history.


Peter had some funny comments in his video about the 300 million dollar fund being created which included… Wait for it… A woman. Social justice this and that, it was pretty funny tongue in cheek I really enjoyed it. My wife absolutely despises this whole group of women and men who are doing this kind of pandering towards women. I married good for sure. The worst thing a group of women (and men according to the website) need is another shit coin. This is why Bitcoin can’t moon. This has gone too far and we should be attacking these blatant scams for what they are. A man came up with this idea to try and get women in the space. If they wanted to be anywhere, they know how to do get there. Women don’t need special treatment.


Utter dribble… it’s got nothing to do with positive discrimination, as your reply insinuates.

Any process, no matter what it is, works better & more efficiently without a gender, race or age deficiency.


I agree this topic is “Utter dribble”. Your statement above lacks experience or wisdom and acceptance for what is completely normal in a society. AKA what is expected. There are plenty of processes where gender, or age deficiencies are expected. I consulted with my wife regarding this as well because it’s insightful to have more than 1 gender opinion.

Race is something I personally don’t see, but if we choose to look at it specifically we could point out plenty of race deficiencies, but why stop there? You left out your most valuable card of righteousness the idea of religion deficiency!
This is just my experience, everyone’s mileage will vary:

  • Restaurants or food service in general have large expected deficiencies and operate quite efficiently in light of these.
  • Expanding on that, you don’t see many Thai restaurants being owned or operated by white or black people.
  • Nor do you see any Indian restaurants run by white, black, or Asian people either.
  • The majority of Barista’s are female (but something could be said about why this process specifically is not very efficient).
  • Accountant firms I deal with are all mostly white Jews.
  • In data centers, the process of lifting 80+ lbs over your head is a requirement. This is not possible for 99% of females that apply causing an expected gender deficiency in data centers. Any women to get the job are usually due to affirmative action type requirements.
  • Females are really good at the process of giving birth. Haven’t seen many other genders figure that out in nature besides sea horses and a couple other species
  • There are more women teachers than men, the nurturing abilities of women are far greater than that of men.
  • If you look into teaching further you’ll find more gym or physical education teachers are male, same for coaching sports. These process are all quite efficient and expected.

The list of expected and perfectly normal society deficiencies goes on and on. There is just a matter of fact that because you were born a certain way with specific genes that you will be predisposed to be better at something versus some one else who was born with different parts. My wife brought up the can of worms that is all the “genders” we have in between which is where we draw the conclusion that this topic of discussing deficiencies is as you say, “Utter dribble”.


I’ve asked your wife… & you do intact dribble!


Regarding women;

Ya gotta let a ho be a ho


Blockchain is open access and open source. The barriers to participate are practically zero. If women are participating less than men, that is by choice. :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:


I’m glad at least 2 out of 5 “pub” members including myself are mature enough to discuss such a topic without reducing to elementary school playground speak. Not including the OP is unfortunate and goes to show how much purging we still need in the space and society in general.


Bill Burr said to a woman reporter who asked him about not many women in comedy, in so many words, Just go out and do it. Quit bitching about not enough women and go and do it. If you work hard and are good at what you do it will be undeniable and there is nothing anyone can do about that. Just go out there and do it.
Now granted there are extenuating circumstances in everything but the sentiment holds true. “Be Undeniable!”