World's largest cruise ship sets sail

Just added this to my bucket list, come on ICX!


Captain probably should stick to sailing round western Mediterranean… :wink:


A bunch of hoomans on a boat together… what could go wrong? :wink:


I remember one time I went on a cruise. Big mistake.

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Sounds like you owe us a story.

Let’s just say, even though it sounds like a good idea, it’s not always fun when you’re hanging out with a bunch of half-naked and naked women when there’s lots of booze involved, and stuck most of the time on a boat where you can’t escape. Also terrible food. Parts of it I’d like to forget, but unfortunately there’s photo evidence of my antics. :troll:


Sounds indeed fun kggkj vfgjv

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As a marine who deployed with a navy meu and spent 14 months total on a floating grey dumpster, I don’t think I want to be on a boat ever again lol. I don’t care how nice it is.

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