Worldwide Professional Aerial Photography + Video

Hey guys,

I am the owner and operator of an Australian Aerial photography and Video company.

Due to my passion for Crypto Currency I will now be accepting BTC as a form of payment.

for more info check it out here. >

Also I am now accepting Interstate (AU) and International Bookings.

Send me a email at for a quote.

Thanks #Cryptonation


Congratulations again!!! So exciting :sunglasses:

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Great to hear that. Congrats.

It makes me happy to see that some of us are doing great and improve their business by accepting cryptocurrencies. It’s a step forward, I can tell you that. I think aerial photography is underestimated at the moment. I don’t know why. My passion for photography is immense and I really want to improve myself by learning all that is to know about it and start a career in photography. At the moment I’m reading all kind of articles about how to get into photography on such platforms as and others. My ambition is to get to aerial photography and become a professional. Soon I will get there, I just need patience.

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