Would like help explaining how the developers Construct desktop wallets for proof of stake coins

Dear Peter and John,

I am a 22 year old college student attending Mississippi State University about to enter my 5th and final year. I did not discover blockchain technology until about a year and a half ago and as we all know I unfortunately missed out on some major gains. Much like everyone else I was skeptical and confused about the underlying technology. I did not make my first purchase until around January of this year despite having an account with GDAX well before bitcoin hit its all time high in December of 2017. Despite not making substantial money and even being negative from the day Ive started, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has changed my life. The more I study and learn the more confident I become on the underlying benefits for not only the financial system but the entire world as a whole. I am extremely passionate about what this space will not only do for myself in the long term but also my family. I am writing this to you two because I want to get more involved with the community and my dream would be to one day program my own crypto to create my own business on the blockchain or even work for a company already in existence. I have never been a coder and I have struggled learning the algorithims behind some of the smaller alt coins. I would like to say that I am extremely confident in my ability as a trader to identify which coins are fraudulent and which ones have a bright future based on total supply versus circulating supply. I would not consider myself an amateur in this space at all. I am good with technical analyses and reading charts along with having an account with over 12 exchanges on the web. I own a trezor hardware wallet and I am diversified in many different alt coins at the moment with a long term HODL strategy in mind. To look at my knowledge when I first read about the space to now is something I never imagined I would understand to the extent I do. That being said I still have leaps and bounds to learn before I am content. Please reach out if you read this and help me reach my full potential because I am extremely driven and passionate for this space.
Best, Joe


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