Would like to hire a T-shirt Logo Designer


I need a T-shirt design made for my business. I have ideas but need someone professional and creative to incorporate my basic logo and ideas into a finished product. It needs to appeal to a female clientele.

Hit me up in the Inbox if you are good.




I’m a 41 year old father of 3 boys. I’ve been making tee-shirts and have been designing logos for small businesses, schools, clubs, and private individuals since HS. I can get the best quality tee shirts and all my equipment to make them are in-house.
I’d be glad to make some tees if you’re interested. Joe.


Hey Joe thanks for the response. I just remembered I have a cousin who owns a textile factory in Mexico. He will be able to produce what I need at a fraction of the cheapest available Tees online with Logo printing. However, I may still need a good Logo designer down the line. Could you post some of your logo work here? Sorry for the late response. I’ve been super busy catching falling knives lol!!!