WOW! The New Ledger Nano X


I am loving the new Ledger Nano X, it can store up to 100 assets…Umm! Hmm! not sure of this. but we will see if this is true or not. The new price point is a bit steep but having a good piece of technology for storing your Crypto assets off the exchanges and having your Private Keys is in a word, Priceless!!

You can Pre-order now, they should be ready in March of this year…


looking good, would like a user experience vs the Nano S, hopefully someone that have both of them can share their opinions.


Nods! i’m with you…

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I was really hoping for a finger print reader or something more innovative than previous methods. Either way this is a decent incremental step in the right direction (mostly because it lowers the price point of the original Nano S).


Oh, I like. Now you are pushing the envelope…spot on!.. that would be sweet!!!

  1. I wonder since it’s bluetooth capable does that mean it has a battery? eventually over time all batteries lose the ability to hold a charge.
  2. I’ve seen stuff about Man in the Middle Bluetooth attacks, is that not a concern here?

I am interested in learning more about this new ledger device and hearing what people have to say. Exciting times!


“Bluetooth” i don’t trust it :thinking:… so no nano X for me

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Umm! It is better than leaving your Crypto on an exchange, my workflow attitude is Exodus for off the grid, Nano S or X for a small amount of Crypto for doing business online or otherwise. I rather have control of my private keys…

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When Nano X release? This has been delayed for a while.

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