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Big ups to @Bang_Bang_Chaingang !!!

Check out

www.chainxgang.com and use BTCPUB15 for 15% off!

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The dodgefather LOL thas some funny shit

Nihonjin website?


Brrrooo! Your streams are always epic but tonight was legend! Thank you so much for the major plug! Just keep all them tees, anytime you want to do a giveaway to the crypto nation just pick one lucky winner, have them DM me here at the pub and I’ll take care of the rest! Have a blessed week!


sssooo des ne! lol hope i said that right?! actually based here in california i just love japanese culture!

the dogefather ftw! lol!


@peter i just thought about it but this would have been a perfect easter sunday stream shirt! hmmmm not too late!?


Never too late! :rocket:


When I get my gains from the long hodl you better still be open :+1:
Nice T’s :heart:


Appreciate it! Spread the word while you hodl!


Make an icon one and I’ll maybe give up some dca for it :ok_hand:
Do you ship to the uk?


yup i ship worldwide.

new designs will drop consistently…give me your ideas of what you’d like to see and i’ll make it a reality. i’d like chain gang to be open source and community driven as well. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Icon Korean BBQ is my preferred theme :fist:️ Thanks :v:

Icon [ICX] - Waiting for Conversion - Let’s talk dApps!

Fresh of the grill!


Nice I want one of those but still shilling in my old one :rocket:

love my ICX :heart_eyes:


Hey mate do you ship to Melbourne?

Or could you? Do you take crypto as payment?


yesir i do. i’m from u.s. so shipping is a bit more like $10. what size? i do accept crypto. once i get your details i can give you a total price including your 15% pub discount.


if it’s just one shirt and not bigger than xl it’ll be $26.50 shipped to Australia :slight_smile:

you can use this link to pay in crypto: https://commerce.coinbase.com/checkout/7b4866e1-383c-4695-8fb5-6de9a47d14cd


Busy right now dude so will follow through with sign up and payment when I can sit down

So I want 4 shirts do I get a discount :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


4 shirts shipped will be $79 instead of normally $91
btc, etc, bch, or ltc using that coinbase ecommerce link


sweet mate well once I am home I will sort it out

Good job on the shirts! Love that BITCOIN IS THE FUTURE shirt


Real nice mate. Next pay day my money is yours :fist: