Www.chainxgang.com // BTCPUB15 - Crypto Shirts!


im getting one right now it looks nice :wink:


Very cool. Do you plan to offer in any other colors other than black?


i can print on navy if you’d like



I seen someone posted a red version of the ethereum classic shirt is it possible to get a green version, like where the letters are a different color?


haha, i believe i was one of the first to make that design in reference to coke… do you have a link to that shirt? it’s all good tho, ya’ll know where it came from first! chain x gang!

please explain further what you need so i can try and create it for you :slight_smile:


For my NEO fanboys and fangirls!


But with lime green text instead of white.


One logo is enough. 2 logos at top seem too busy!


bbbbrrrooo… but that’s my signature style?! haha all good homie :facepunch:


that can happen… on black shirt?


Yes please! I would rock that shit all day everyday lol


no prob… just place your order and i’ll make sure it has the green print… so all green? even sleeve print? maybe it’ll look dope with leaving just the curved stripe white? but i’ll do it how you want it.


I sent you a PM with some details.


Hey dude I am placing my order and under summary I can’t find section to pay in crypto?
Do you want me to give you details of my order first then send you funds via your link?


PM me your details then I’ll give you a total. If paying crypto you don’t have to go through online shop. Thanks.


Korean Peapoll FB/IG Ad :slight_smile:


updated website :slight_smile:


had to shill the doge lord on website too! :sunglasses:


bigly!!! this is rocking!