Www.chainxgang.com // BTCPUB15 - Crypto Shirts!


“Blockchain or it didn’t happen.” :rofl::+1:


@Bang_Bang_Chaingang do you have an option for V shaped necks?



Yo! Yes it’ll be a couple dollars more but I can make it happen! Dm me your request. Thanks!


Quick Promo Vid :sunglasses:

Icon [ICX] - Waiting for Conversion - Let’s talk dApps!

Dang, next t order will be from there! They offer a few I want to add!


For all my bag hodlers! To the moon?! Maybe to the gym or class first then in 3-4 years to the moon!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Available now!


@CryptoMykel rockin a specially requested colorway of the eth classic.


Some dad hats on the site! No you don’t need to have a lil doge or two running around to elevate your swag. Perfect for the ladies too!


For my ADIDAS Crypto heads! Available now.


Classics Never Die! BTC to the Moon! Happy Friday Crypto Nation!



the socks are effin’ dope.
Would pair well with some old school slippers and a robe.
Im older now, and its not the 90’s anymore. If it were though… some chucks or nike cortez and dickies shorts with the iron on crease.
Kudos on the apparel line. Im a supporter.

I’ve never really been a cap person, but if you ever design some beanies. I’ll purchase a few most def.
Any Cardano related merchandise?


this. i bet we around the same age playa :slight_smile: i’d still rock the oldskool steez… much love for the props, working on the beanies and ada…



I gotta wait till payday, but I’ma order them socks on the 1st


GREAT! Just purchased my 1st shirt from chainxgang! I got the HODL shirt, love the selection, next month, I’ll get another!

Checkout process was quick and easy and already received my e-mail confirmations! Fantastic, I bookmarked the site for future purchase.

I also enjoy the styles of these particular shirts, definitely has a sense of style, unique and definitely stands out in the t-shirt crowd.


Hodl! Got the order brotha. Should go out after 3-4 days. Thank you for supporting the chain gang movement! Dont forget to post a selfie of you reppin!


Roger that. I’ll try to find a good public place. Thanks for the feedback!




Daaaang. That’s fire my dude. I’ma pick that up on the 1st too. You’re legit yo.


I place a big order last night and my nibba has new merchandise up the next day hodl ltc Miller knock off is the bizalls