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:beers: when the ideas are fresh in my mind I must execute the same day lol thanks for the support!



IOTA (Stranger Things Fans)


Do you guys ever run like dickie work shirts? Something with a collar? Only way I can rock it at work.


that would be dope maybe in the near future but i got black and white polo collared tops


@Cryptocobra won this refreshing ETC shirt on Sunday’s stream and he got to rock it 3 days later! that’s wassup brotha looks effin awesome! love the matching watch band!



You know I love my ICX Korean BBQ! New on the Menu!!! :fire::fire::fire::fire:


Thanks @Bang_Bang_Chaingang This was my first purchase using cryptocurrency! Well worth it brother :+1:


That looks so rad! Let us know how many people in public approach you about bitcoin. Lol. Thanks for the support!


Might be getting this one. Love the design.


are you going to make this shirt? Ill buy the first one lol


All the shirts here plus more already ready for purchase/order. Chainxgang.com use BTCPUB15 at checkout for 15% off.


I meant the hallowed be thy gains one you posted in this thread right before easter. I can’t find that one on the website


shots fired?! :gun:guys, for the lolz? :beetconnect: should i offer it on the site? :roger::roger::roger::roger:


oops, forgot to drop the “H”… lol!


ok fixed it…


ok that was just for the lulz…

here you go…


Can you do anything icon related merchandise?


i’ve got 2 icon shirts on the site @Leo_Beal. chainxgang.com :+1:


Just placed my order yo. Can’t wait to sport em. I will post links to your site on my Twitter and FB as well


shots fired!!!