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just baked! hot fresh and ready… still airy and warm lol


Navy two button blazer - Lombardo Custom apparel
Suede driving moccasins with blue stitching - To Boot New York
Black tshirt with print - Chain Gang

Ordering more next week…


i just ordered 1 to find my right size… I am a little smaller than peter… Medium.
lets see…


the design is superior, the shirts themselves are gildan - inexpensive shirt

he could literally raise them from 20 to 35, and use a hanes beefy T, and not loose one single order…



i am def gonna get more once i get my correct size… Summer is almost here… need to flaunt the crypto…


Yoooo. Model?! Nice add ons!


Order processing. Thanks for the support.


my mom loves her Doge, deal with it shirt - my wife says she doesn’t like that Doge is smoking marijuana - now that she knows its a joint she probably wont wear it anymore lmao…

i told her to …


yo. any pub members here got any pull or active account on steemit, reddit, popular forum (aside from the best - thebitcoin.pub) or the like? if so dm me. i’m willing to send you a free shirt of your choice just for shilling my stuff on a simple post on your behalf! holla!


Summer is just around the corner boyz…

Suns Out Guns Out!

Just the popular ones for now…



Im pretty new with this whole online community/social network thing for the most part. I literally just started a twiiter like 2-3 months ago, and a reddit yesterday. Being a true introvert and being social is kind of like the concept of “cold hot water” or “powdered water (just add oxygen)” to me. Just tell me how and when and I’ll do it for free. No reimbursement needed. Those socks you designed are so dope, I could really imagine Day-Day (from Friday, and Friday After Next) wearing them.


that would be awesome if you can do so i appreciate it. link me to your post(s). i have your info from previous order so you may just get a thank you package in the mail sometime in the future.


new :fire:


:muscle: #winning


I’m loving the iota/ST one, but I can’t find it on the website. Is it still available?


Yes it is. I was updating site the other day and must have forgot to update that. Should be available in a couple of hours. Thanks.


Cool, thanks. Will check back again tomorrow.


Got my order in, plus an OMG one for good measure :smile:


Bitcoin is the New Fiat!


be your own bank!