Wyoming Passes Blockchain/Cryto Friendly Laws

Started my journey in 2009, bought BTC at the insistence of a financial advisor/friend, held for 3 years, sold for a nice profit and was soo proud of myself for being wise and intuitive (before the 2013 BTC decline)…NOT so fast. 2016, a friend mentioned BTC again and when I checked on it to my surprise, like I am sure many of you here have had, had I held on (would have Millions…oh well). When it hit $10K I was sick, but what can you do.

So, I began my journey of really studying and understanding this new currency medium that was emerging and decided, I would mine BTC and ETH. That has been very good to me, so much so that I am doing a GO FUND ME to buy the facility (in Northern Washington State).

Then I moved on to day trading as that was an arena I was familiar with and have done well (NASDAQ and NYSE). Well there were no exchanges in the earlier days to ‘put & call’ buy/sell so I just bought low and sold high as my brother had taught me how to read algorithms and I eventually figured it out and applied it to digital coins! Now I was making more money!

After studying and connecting to key people in the ICO medium, I realized that was my next journey. It was not as successful until I learned to read ‘white papers’ properly, most of which in my humble opinion are not worth the format they are written on! I have put my toe in 3 that I believe will survive as they are well funded and should come out of the box increasing in value.

On this journey the efforts on behalf of the state of Wyoming to bring commerce, in particular Blockchain/Crypto businesses to their thinly populated state is really getting a lot of press/news traction like WSJ and other major news releases. Well, those Wyoming Bills passed the House and Senate almost unanimously and now awaiting the Governor’s signature to be enacted into law…eliminating SEC regulations of certain ICOs. The more I researched, I realized I should form a Wyoming corporation (accorded to my legal advice) and find out who, what, when and where these Bills (previously submitted a year earlier, but ignored) received so much attention and passed almost unanimously!

I feel ready and poised to take advantage of this new ground breaking event…and jumping on board as new companies emerge there and joining the the first legally formed mining farm, software/crypto based company, ICO and Coin Exchange that surfaces… In my humble opinion this is a game changer!

Would love to hear your opinion if you follow what is happening in Wyoming!


there are a handful of articles we captured about Wyoming…

looks like a great state!

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Awesome, I am happy to post for Wyoming since I am incorporated there and have been avidly following the progress and have uncovered who the first company will be (ribbon cutting soon) and how the CEO of that company was very instrumental in getting those Bills passed. The CEO has deep pockets from mining the last 8 years and owns 200+ casinos in Latin America and Asia. I was introduced through a friend of a friend and very excited to see their office ribbon ceremony in Wyoming and Texas (also offices and other companies/bank in Costa Rica & Philippines) ICO (utility coin used in the casinos), their new coin exchange (20 top coins + their new coin), BTC mining and a lot more coming. They have done it by the books legally and I think the company will do, especially being the first to come our with multiple companies in the USA.


I have more articles, would you like them to put on your blog here, or show me how to post and add to your list as well.


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