X16Rv2 Testing Mining Pexacoin On HiveOs And Windows

Today we will be testing some X16Rv2 mining with T-Rex 0.14.4. Setting up the Pexacoin wallet and mining on HiveOs and Windows, as well doing some Overclock testing.

-News Article Links-
:newspaper: T-rex Miner - https://github.com/trexminer/T-Rex/releases
:newspaper: PexaQTwallet - https://github.com/pexacoin/core/releases

-Mining Os Links-
:zap:-HiveOs Referral link to sing up.

:zap:-Cudo Miner Link

-CMDesigns Yen Community Page-
:heavy_check_mark: YEN74Invit3 “Invite To join Yen.io

-Want A Mining Rig Built-

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