XDC Mainnet Coin is Live on Copper.co for an Institutional Custody Solution

London based institutional custody & prime brokerage firm, Copper.co now supports XinFin’s Mainnet Chain XDC to provide digital custody solutions for XinFin and TradeFinex’s institutional and crypto hedge fund customers. Copper’s safeguards its infrastructure using online, offline and MPC technologies to create a client segregated custody environment for digital assets, thus, providing maximum security without compromising on control.

XinFin announced a partnership with Copper.co on 27 January 2020 for Institutional Custody Solution with the support for XDCe across its institutional hot and cold wallet solutions.

As of now, XDC and XDCe Coin are listed with various decentralised and centralised cryptocurrency exchanges. To add to that, now Copper also supports both XDC mainnet Coin as well as XDCe — the ERC20 version of the token. Custody Copper also provides an insurance option to safeguard cryptocurrency assets.

About Copper:

Copper designs & develops award-winning infrastructure enabling institutions to acquire store, and trade digital assets in a manner that satisfies global investors and regulatory standards. Its multi-signature safeguarding application allows institutions to have complete certainty that their capital is not at risk of theft, whether it be from hackers or bad players in the industry. Copper is also one of the few digital asset custody solutions to be insured against crime, including theft of fiat or digital assets — with a comprehensive policy brokered by Aon in London. More details at https://copper.co

About XinFin.Network:

Xinfin XDC Network is an open-source enterprise-ready hybrid blockchain for global trade and finance use cases. Tradefinex.org is a P2P network for trade finance originators to distribute trade assets to the growing class of alternative asset investors. The trade finance market is expected to reach USD 71 billion by the end of 2024 and the Xinfin blockchain network aims to innovate the market using blockchain technology. For more information on XinFin Network, please visit Xinfin.org.

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