XinFin Explorer: The Window to the XinFin Blockchain

The XinFin Network is a hybrid blockchain network built to help enterprises leverage the potential of decentralized trade and finance. Over time, the network has added a wide array of features to its network and developed several applications to aid all network participants.

The XinFin Explorer is one of these additions that makes the XinFin network more useful, efficient, and highly transparent. It is a user-friendly, detailed, and professional block explorer of XinFin. It allows anyone on the network to easily search the network’s transaction history, find and explore all blocks, smart contracts, tokens, and every other activity happening on the chain.
Besides, there are other features of the XinFin Explorer that makes it more useful and helps users gain a deeper insight into the network metrics and its functioning.

Here’s a list of things you can explore directly on the XinFin Explorer home page:


An epoch is a 900-block period of 2-second block time starting from block #1 (900 blocks x 2s/block = approximately 1800s or 30 minutes).
The current epoch of XinFin is 19715.

Block Height

Block height or count of the XinFin Network signifies the total number of blocks at any given time. The block height of the XinFin Network at the time of writing is 17,743,703.

Transaction Speed

XinFin Hybrid Blockchain has recorded a transaction speed of up to 2000 transactions per second on the public chain with unlimited horizontal scaling due to multiple private chains running at the same time.

Total Transactions

This section displays the total number of transactions that have taken place since the inception of the XinFin Network. The current transasction total is 65,123,655.

Total Stake

XinFin Network allows Staking functionality for KYC enforced MasterNode.
The total staked amount on the network presently equals 1.1 billion XDC.

Burnt XDC

As part of its token economics, the XinFin Network burns extra XDC tokens. You can find the total number of burned tokens under this section at all times.

So far, the XinFin Network has burnt a total of 332,198 XDC.


Masternode section displays the total number of active masternodes deployed on the XinFin Network.

To set up a masternode, you will have to ensure that your XDC protocol running node is publicly identified and has passed the compliance process.
Every node holder needs to upload the KYC documents including proof of identity — individual and corporate — and their address duly notarized by the Notary Public. The details shared will be visible to the public network.

Click here to read how to set up a masternode on XinFin or watch our YouTube video here

Daily Rewards

The network automatically distributes block rewards after every epoch, which lasts approximately 30 minutes, as explained above.
You can check your masternode rewards using XinFin WebWallet or find it on XinFinScan.

The current daily rewards amount is 2000 XDC.

Block Time

The block time for XinFin Network is 2 seconds, which helps with almost instant transaction confirmation.

Total Accounts

“Total Accounts” represents the total number of active accounts on the XinFin Network. There are 5,074 active accounts on the XinFin Network as of now.

Total Supply of XDC

The total supply of XDC is 37,595,078,429 XDC (37.5 Billion XDC)

Transaction Fees in USD

Transaction on XinFin are relatively cheaper with a transaction fees of only $0.00000078
For reference, please check here.

Market Cap
This part of the XinFin explorer shows you the real-time market capitalization of the XinFin Network. At present, XinFin’s market cap sits at $ 77,972,514 ($77 million).

Further into the XinFin Explorer

Except for showing network status on the home page, the XinFin explorer has other sections that dig deeper into the network. Let’s take a look.


The “Contracts” page on the XinFin Explorer can be used to view the contracts deployed on the XinFin Network. In addition, if you are deploying a new contract on the XinFin Network, you can use this section to verify your contract.
The contract verification process on XinFin is simple and requires you to provide your contract address and name, select a compiler version of your contract node, and enter the contract code.


As is clear by the name, the “Tokens” page will show you the list of all tokens ever deployed on the XinFin Network. If you have created your token and verified it, you will find it listed on this page.


By hovering on to the “Tools” button on the main menu of XinFin Explorer, you can find a number of XinFin tools from the live as well as the test network. You may use these tools to make the most out of the XinFin Network and also utilize the test net tools to gain a better understanding of how they function. Some of these tools include a web wallet, XDC wallet(Android App), XinFin Pay (XinPay), One-click node installer, masternode validator and Faucet for Testnet XDC.

The Way Forward

XinFin is an ever-growing blockchain ecosystem that is consistently innovating with blockchain and token economy. It plans to bring the most valuable use-cases of blockchain in the trade and finance sector and help make business processes simpler, more convenient, and cost and time effective.

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