XinFin [XDCE/XDC01] - What is a hybrid blockchain and what is XinFin FTW all about?



Hello community (both Bitcoin Pubbers & XinFiner’s)!

Let’s learn and post everything and anything about XinFin, XDC01 and XDCE within this ultimate guide post!

Our recently renovated website:

Tradefinex website:

Some information about the project and tech:
short explanation:

Financing of Solar Plant using XinFin Hybrid Blockchain and IoT:


Interview with Roger Ver:

For further information check out our FAQ:

The list of Exchanges can be found here:

XDC: The ideal coin for Green Energy and the Renewables Sector.
Read the advantages of XDC on Medium:

KPMG head of strategy joins XinFin as advisor:

Ramco partners with XinFin:

MAC to use XinFin’s XDC and XDCE for Payments :

XinFin Introduces Project Sandbox for Asset Tokenization of Public Infrastructure Assets : launches blockchain based Multisig Wallet on XDC Hybrid Blockchain for Various Enterprise Use Cases:

XinFin allies with Changerinc:

XinFin Partners with OMFIF for GPI2018:

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XinFin looks amazing. The more you read the more you want to know. Just the fact that they are partnered with OMFIF means this is some serious business. I’m looking forward to more news


also got roger ver ( who was also in XRP from the beginning ) in it. really looking like an xrp 2.0


Xinfin for the win as crypto mentor 99 once said


In case anyone is interested what XinFin and hybrid blockchain is all about, check out the upcoming webinar!


Simple tutorial how to buy/sell XDCE tokens!


He speaks!


A good read about the products soon to be released!


XinFin, making Africa Great Again!


This video is what we all needed. A great insight of the TradeFinex platform and how global finance will change with XinFin!


More good news for XinFin!


Beautiful things are going to happen in the next two weeks! I spoke with the Head of Development, Chris Neill and user cases are going to be seen :wink:


A simple comparison chart of the most used protocols currently!