XRP Price Thread



:v:Forget the down trend and bear market chit chat its pointless, XRP :xrp: is the new BTC get used to it and simply load up you will thank yourself later on :man_shrugging:

Crypto is changing course

Bitcoin Price Thread
Bitcoin Price Thread

Fuck Ripple, its a scam!

However, I will ride the waves though. :surfing_man: Gains are all that matter


But bitcoin has the best developers and is the most decentralized!

(As if people care about that :elrisitaslaugh: )


I do haha. The whole point of me investing into crypto was to hopefully one day get away from a central banking system. Yeah be nice to earn some cash along the way though.


adapt or die its that simple buddy BTC is no more decentralised than the dollar he who holds the most sets the price that doesn’t sounds decentralised to me.

You can kick and scream all you like but XRP will work with the banks to introduce crypto and the block chain then it will go no further :man_shrugging: all i care for is profit and a better standards of life fuck if that means buying dog shit sign me up but to hold all hope on BTC is stupidity :v:


Hahahaha i know you know the script @kryptokenzie you don’t need telling twice and have seen this game for all that it is More fresh blood is all thats needed ride the waves of hope and this time cash out high then wait for the pattern all over again :beers:


This isn’t me being a uber bear guys this is me being realistic :man_shrugging:


I think you have a misconception of what ‘decentralized’ means. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also, XRP is simply an intermediary to facilitate quicker and cheaper fiat transfers. It’s not a p2p currency, nor does it solve most of the issues that plague fiat.


Not at all no misconceptions here at all i’m not here to preach and i’m the first to say follow what you believe in.

The fact remains the banks and powers that be always win so simply try and hold onto their coat tails and you wont go wrong :v:


Never I’m DCA’ing it now, if we ever get to 1B MC…which i think eventually we will. Then ripple will likely be a part of that, due to it’s ever growing partnerships and solid use case which does work already and well at that…then it could really give some juicy gains for investors alike.

It’s what i’m banking on anyway :crazy_face: along with icon :muscle:

But each to their own of course!


I was playing mate I don’t think Ripple is a scam - I’m not their biggest fan for many reasons. I made many mistakes in 2018 and failing to adapt to the changing landscape was definitely one of the biggest!

Just like you said, If i can make some money then I’ll trade toe nails I don’t give a damn.

Decentralisation was never mentioned in the Bitcoin whitepaper - it’s something that came after. I do believe in the long term of BTC but I’m more realistic unlike maximalists that think it’ll be the global currency or some shit. lol funny… my only issue with Ripple is that Garlinghouse owns way way too many tokens. However, I can’t blame the man - he’s doing his thing!


Are you talking about ICX or XRP? Or did you mean 1T MC for the entire crypto space?


Apologies old boy, i meant 1T market cap. I genuinely believe ICX can do 5B+ market cap in the years to come.


If people aren’t in crypto to increase their wealth and buy bitcoin because of principal I understand that. But I also agree that bitcoin is not by any means better than the dollar when the majority of Bitcoin is owned by a few. This is what gives BTC a ponzi like reputation (not that I believe it’s a ponzi). Good for those people that bought or mined BTC in the early years :clap: that investment has done them well. I personally don’t buy bitcoin for the fact that practically everything else will outperform it in the crypto market. BTC to $60,000, 10X, that’s all? :sleeping: I already made the mistake of blindly DCAing bitcoin over the course of 2017 from the $3K-$4K level onwards while altcoins 100-1000 X’d right under my nose.

Now my strategy is: when BTC dominance is high and dropping buy, trade or hold altcoins. When BTC dominance is low trade back to bitcoin or fiat/stable coins. I’ve come to the conclusion through my own experience that bitcoins current use is/was to pump and dump the market and I’ll use that to my advantage going forward. I do believe bitcoin has great potential to be used as what it was intended for, but I’m not going to get pissed on and be told that it’s rain.


I reckon that most of the eyes are on BTC, when next bull run and blah blah blah but in reality almost no one is thinking the next market bull run could be caused by an alt, in this case Ripple … that’d be something interesting if it happens.

We are expecting lower BTC dominance with the years anyway, right? :man_shrugging:t2:


But remember to be aware that some coins can simply add more supply, which is highly unlikely for BTC. So that scarcity and no future increase in supply is why a lot of people like BTC.


I couldn’t have said this any better brother to sit back and learn a lesson form all of this is priceless you see it for what it is and now have the edge over anyone new that may step into this market. :v:


xrp back to .57550 :man_shrugging: theres a rumble coming :shushing_face:


What’s your target brother?