XRP Price Thread



Literally a minute after @Jacko1988 said it, the price of XRP moved!

I’m now wondering if @Jacko1988 is actually the head of Ripple… think about it, they share the same first name AND you never see both in the same room at the same time!

Detective Dutty strikes again!


Almost buddy :joy: the pub seems very up tight these days with people who seem to police the threads but not add anything of any value :man_shrugging: whats up with that…

As for anyone with feelings of XRP being a pump and dump only time will tell :shushing_face: and lets face it all coins including BTC, ETH, LTC every one of them is a pump and dump play ground for anyone with a few million to push around :sunglasses:


xrp can be shut down, it is centralized. it will be destroyed. btc couldn’t be killed, that is the reason ALL other coins can exist… don’t be a fool, support btc.


i also agree, crypto is a playground for the rich, nevertheless, Bitcoin is dreamy freedom money described/theorized in science fiction, let’s hope we can get an anonymous peer-to-peer lighting layer and keep the dream alive! (for all decentralized coins, not just btc)


The btc infrastructure might well be decentralized but the supply has ended up as a copy of the Fake\fait monetory supply\system & is now concentrated in the hands\wallets of a few who are now able to move and manipulate it as they please.

I cry myself to sleep some nights knowing this…


The guys are just organising the threads to ensure correct info is in the correct places… Mavericks like you are a pain in the backside for the staus quo :wink:

I agree with this… it’s a the way it is now. Fair play I suppose - happens in Oil, Gold and various other markets too. Just more in your face in Crypto. We just have to ride the waves and get what we can from it.


It’ll be okay brother… stay strong!


Aww thanks man, I am trying to stay with it & hoping that diversifying a little bit will help to keep the wolf from the door & that using fiat now to buy into a new rising stars like ICX will help to ease the pain.


We will see only time will tell now :v:

Its getting tight now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Will it be .52 :man_shrugging: or will it be .56 :thinking:


Buy the dip at 0.532 :face_with_monocle:


Unlimited supply for xrp, meh no thanks it’s a bankers shit coin


If you are in it for the gains you could give two shits about something being decentralized,profits motivate you.

Now if you are a philosopher at heart or decentralization seems to be the end all,be all or even just preferable to centralization or hybrid models then you will have a very small crypto portfolio.


Yeah I’m not emotional about trading a coin. All coins are bankers coins, especially BTC :rollsafe:

We only want to make profits here and share trading ideas. :+1:


Bought the dip at 53 cents but it keeps dipping. That’s what I get for buying the Bill Clinton banker coin. :beetconnect:


Two money changers and a credit union does not instill confidence.


xrp to .55635 again :man_shrugging:

Things are about to get a little more lively :tada:

.48750 NEXT STOP

Right on que


Funny enough iv’e just been looking at the charts for XRP, I have some as away of diversifying. Had quite a bit of a sell off over the last 24/48 hours. Thinking of taking another position in it, as it looks like we could be heading back up again soon…

Jacko what’s your thoughts on BTC currently? I expect for us to get a answer next week :grimacing:


Honest opinion i am long on BTC from here and do think mid week we will see a burst to the upside but next 6 months i think we will retrace the whole move and hit the in and around the 4.8-5.2k but with a sentiment change anything can happen. Risk rewards wise to the downside theres nothing much in it but from current levels the upside has more profit potential. What about yourself???


Simular-ish opinion to be honest jacko, although i’m yet to be convinced we are going to head to the upside in a big move. I’m still trying to come up with some kind of plan as to how to play this next week or so.

I’m thinking of getting back into some positions, because to be fair regardless the positions i do hold im willing to sit on for years if needs be!

What’s making you lean more towards a uptick?


I assume you mean we will roughly stay in accumulation mode for 6 months before capitulation. Else this statement makes no sense. Either way this sounds extremely bearish with all the development being reported. I guess it could all be media-institutional lying bull shit. I don’t think it is.