XRP Price Thread



XRP with the V shaped Leave BTC for dust :dicaprio1:


Up move shortly :man_shrugging:


:thinking: Hmmmm … tell me more…“practically everything”?:bcc:


$1000 into bitcoin January 2017 = $6,600 today.
$1000 into xrp January 2017 = $65,600 today.


Back into the crypto space

Keep it simple look for a breakout to the upside we don’t need the E wave so by 3pm we will see where we are at :v:t2: keep stops tight and happy profits :dicaprio1:

Its super tight now i have moved my stops to .46900




interesting article about Bcash


That green candle in Binance :smiley:


No where near finished yet buddy :v:t2: sell when we get to $10


That would be dream man, i bought most of my xrp around 9 cents :smiley:, today bought around 46 cents :slight_smile:


Follow the banks buddy you wont go wrong :v:t2:


Overnight action is alway great to wake up to :v:t2:
Ready for another day :dicaprio1:
XRP to .60/.62 :man_shrugging:
ADA to 0.081 :thinking: Update ADA GOAL REACHED :heavy_check_mark:

ADA ready for a correction :raising_hand_man:t2:


They Put this up

XRP the does this



Will XRP be the straw that breaks BTC dominance below 50% and start a medium term altcoin bull run? :thinking:


XRP bull run not alt coin, XRP is now becoming separated from the pack with the progression there having i know people hate this in the Pub but they need to get used to it :tipping_hand_man:t2: follow the banks :raised_hands:t2:



What’s your thoughts on BAT? Smashing it right now


Its flying right now buddy you got holdings? :partying_face:


Not yet, need to have a proper look at the chart to look at the best time to buy in


My third Reload zone on XRP got tagged today so back in again on that, increased my holding substantially with the last move. BAT looks promising mate well worth a few but just check for the 50% retracment thats the minimum i would look for an opportunity :raised_hands:t2:

The way she breaks out its just so pretty :partying_face:

.55/.57 incoming :man_shrugging:t2:


Anyone still not own any XRP :sunglasses:


While everyone morns BTC i still continue to stand by XRP :partying_face: