XRP Price Thread



@Jacko1988 You proud of me? Over the last week iv’e made 1.2k XRP profit. Stack is slowly growing. Going to try and grow it to 2k now before moving on to something else.


Oooh i know, i know… is it 0x?


This is a question for everyone here. Im kinda newb :sweat_smile:

What for you makes Ripple (Nipple :joy:) reliable or better than bitcoin in short words?


Are you ready :man_astronaut:t2:


Whats happening ? :smile:


Ready for what? :thinking:


I think the fact that XRP replaced Ethereum by market cap and became the first largest altcoin is a very positive sign. You needn’t be an analyst to realize it. XRP has very positive predictions for a long-term run as well. The reason for that is Ripple’s potential to replace currently operating payment systems. Regarding XRP’s speed of adoption, the altcoin has the possibility to break bitcoin dominance.


“was using xCurrent” they say :wink:



New market coin coming to binance soon :thinking:



You already know buddy


That’s pretty hilarious that the two scammiest pieces of garbage in all of crypto got voted as the most popular.

I think we can see what’s wrong with these markets based off the outcome of this vote.


Bread Garlichouse about to flip the switch! :xrp:


And so it begins :ripple:



Major Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance Lists Ripple’s XRP as a Base Pair



Wow, XRP/Tron or XRP/ZeroCoin pairs. Shitcoin/shitcoin pairs. The Ripple moon will be brown.

Don’t get me wrong, going to buy some XRP to join this shitfuckery.


XRP to .77 :man_shrugging:t2:


What you basing that on?:joy:


Big move coming for XRP move down ready for a push high…