XVG / VERGE Network Hit With A >51% Attack

According to a post on bitcointalk, yesterday we saw a >51% attack hitting XVG which exploits a bug in retargeting in the XVG code.

TL;DR - This means the hacker was mining one block per second. (A block reward is 1,560 XVG. At a price of $0.60, that’s around $56k per MINUTE).

Oh, and according to a post on Reddit, this is still going on today.


This is not a good look.


Guys! I can get us some amazing partnership! This will take cryptonation to another level. All i need from you is 75 milion to make it happen. We have amazing community im sure we can do it



… So I ask you Gentlemen… Does Verge Compliment your Blockfolio? … as for me… well…”NOPE!”

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Verge price didn’t even blinked lol.

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mooning :roller_coaster:

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I would agree, and the crazy thing is, since XVG has gone up in value, crazy right?

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I do not understand how this could be, unless the news is actually inaccurate?


They have some big announcement of a supposed partnership on the 17th or 18th. Also people werent able to panic sell when the news hit I believe its because of the accidental hard fork they did. When they did this it disabled everyone’s wallet connection to the block chain so only people that had coins on the exchanges were the ones able to sell.

I was one of those people that sold, funny thing is I sold about 2 hours before the news came out. LOL I just wanted to takes some profits so i can buy my fiances wedding ring. Which we received yesterday im excited to say.

Anyways the coins i do still have left within their wraith wallet i still do not have access too because it can not find the new blockchain, so now i have to some how figure out how to connect that wallet to the new hard forked chain they have made. I believe they hard forked twice , first was on accident and second was to try and fix the problem again.

So for a privacy coin i think i have lost all confidence in them, to me a network being compromised is worse than a wallet being hacked.


Interesting, thanks for sharing Alex


Thankfully I sold all a couples days before.


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