Yen and Usable UX



A few thoughts via Token Daily:

Todd Goldberg asked of Garry Tan:

Beyond being an investor, I know you’re a designer with great product sense.

What Dapps do you think have great UX today?
What do you think is needed to move Dapps (and more generally, crypto) usability forward?

And I love Garry’s reply:

it’s 1994 in crypto so if it works today then it has good UX. We have so much basic infrastructure still being built. There is no mobile wallet browser yet that lets you easily buy crypto and start using any dApp in 5 min or less for instance. Dapps use Etherscan as a receipt for transactions, which is basically hostile to noob users. Using dapps is like getting Linux set up as your primary desktop. There is so much to figure out but UX is certainly the key to future adoption. It is the eye of the needle that all decentralized apps must pass through.

Another reason why something like Yen is crucial for moving the entire blockchain community forward. @peter and I painstakingly think about UI/UX all the time.



How are we going to get to 100M+ crypto users? When?

Garry’s answer:

Great browsers and meaningful apps. We only barely have our own versions of NCSA Mosaic.