Yen and Web3 ... ... the Future



Dani Grant of Union Square Ventures shared this recently:

"The current state of the web3 world is such that:

Your browser has a wallet (Metamask).
Your mobile browser has a wallet (Toshi).
Your finance apps all have wallets (Coinbase, Robinhood, Square Cash).

And all of these wallets need to be separately topped up which is kind of like having a different metro card for every line of the NYC subway. So, my Request for Project is a unifying wallet protocol that encompasses tokens and collectibles, as well as identity and account recovery.

If you buy a cryptokitty on your laptop, you can use it right away to play games on your phone. And if you buy some ETH on Coinbase and then login to Square Cash, your ETH would be there. Quite eager for this to exist."

Continuing this thought…:

Other members of the crypto community (like Elena Nadolinski) agree this is a serious problem. Elena notes, “In order for this unification to happen, there needs to be standardization for all assets to some extent. There’s a huge opportunity to be the Segment solution for this industry. (e.g. to be the middleman translating all protocols to standardized apis)”

You see, in many ways, this is what we’re building with Yen, a “middle layer” to all of the many conversations, exchanges, and communities in blockchain and bitcoin.

We want to be a big part of Web3