YEN BETA: Binance is Now Online!



As a few of you know, we launched our #binance integration on #meta:yen today! We’re so grateful for all of your help testing it out!



Well done. Looking forward to trying it out in March.


thanks man! we’re looking forward to releasing it publicly…! it’ll probably be much later this year though… so much to build!


This is most epic! Here is our video update on it!


Congrats guys! Epic!


Yay, it’s finally March. How do I get an invite to get into



those crickets are loud! @sukim has a plan…


Can we go mobile yet :cry:


We’re aiming for March 25th for the March onboarding. As you can see with the new features #binanceisnow, old and new things broke and we’d like to hunker down to address those issues before onboarding new folks.

Thanks for your patience! I’ll be updating the schedule in this Onboarding thread as well with any changes to the schedule.


As a 75% mobile>desktop user, feel your pain. Can’t wait for mobile!