YEN Community Driven Whitepaper

@john theorized in today’s “Wednesday Fireside Chat”
Can a Whitepaper be developed wholly by a community?
Can we create the world’s first Community Driven Whitepaper for #yen Token and #yen Exchange?

Not worth the time? No need for a whitepaper?
Perhaps, we should start with whether a Whitepaper is even worthwhile… when the product(s) exist and their functionality are self-evident.


I think this is probably a lot harder than it sounds as we’d need someone (dedicated) to the curation.


Absolutely, as you pointed out during the stream. @John had a sparkle in his eye talking about it, while your face said “uhhh, much workeh” all over it :joy:


The more hands in the pot the harder it will be. I have been forced into several of these types of projects at work. Trying to push the inclusive and diversity agenda’s. Yes more ideas and minds looking at something help to bring out issues and what not, but a white paper is a single document meaning it needs one cohesive thought process which is tough to do with even as few authors as 2. Opening this document up to say 10-20 people it gets exponentially harder. The way this might work is if there are just a couple say 2-3 authors for it or one author per section then have the team of 10, 20, or how ever many give reviews and edits.

Now from my perspective “is a whitepaper worth it?” yes and it is nessecary. I think it would clear a lot of things up. Even for me I still do not understand what is meant by “social exchange” or how Yen is the “firmament” these are terms thrown around a lot and no one has been able to give me a clear understanding of what is meant when using those terms. A well written whitepaper would explain those terms and how they would be achieved. It doesn’t even need to be a traditional whitepaper but more of an explanation of what Yen is and how it is going to achieve its goals. Think three to four paragraph (or how ever many it takes to explain these topics) executive summary.


We’re well on our way when it comes to formulating a concise answer around YEN.

I’ll HODL until I find a better way than I have been of explaining YEN. I need to be better…


Will be here waiting I am not going anywhere. :smile:


so, we’ve described it simply here:

and… here:

lmk if those are simple enough as a starting block.


Updated OP with a link


do you want me to put this on github? i could do that…


What about doing a Yen AMA thread? The questions will give a better idea of what people hope to learn about the platform, and then the answers can be compiled into the Whitepaper.


i am not good in expressing myself by typing … but a great idea indeed & i see peter’s angle too, it’ll be very hard, some to notch people required for this


Definitely. The cart is ahead of the horse in some ways, a symptom of hearing about an early stage product from the (understandably) giddy creator(s) mouths on a daily+ basis. Patreon posts, posts in discord, and all the video content posted by both peter and john serve to describe, in bits and pieces, what Yen is and what it’s functionality hopes to be. It’s not possible to keep up with everything, on a consistent basis, much less “catch up”.

From what I understand, they have understood that - even though Yen is a moving target and is constantly evolving - the larger community here, that care to ask to the point of frustration, need some explanation of what exactly Yen is today, and what it’s roadmap plans it to be in the future.


@john, yes. It belongs there. If you’d like to create yenio/whitepaper I can submit a pull request. :slight_smile:

yenio/roadmap too early?

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no. never too early… :slight_smile:

i wrote this to someone else last night as they were looking for a more “exact” definition:

You won’t find a better answer because it’s all emergent by design (and history). As I said, because we are building in this way, the truth around what it is today is hard to parse from what we want it to become tomorrow.

But we are working toward that as a community as the product matures and our understanding of it as well.

But, I have already provided you a baseline understanding: it’s a social network (platform) for our community. Not a very comprehensive one… but we are working on that.

So, that’ll save you some digging.

If that’s not of interest to you then that’s totally cool! It won’t be for everyone and it may not be materially better than Twitter for a while. I think we are okay with that.

The community is our “secret sauce”… that’s what makes anything that we build super-special and we will, together, build something magical.

Never forget the yenicorn… it’s power is beyond all of our understanding…


I have some notes written down to try and grasp the concept from many of the publicly available information. Also trying to keep in mind the “moving target” / “emergent by design” in mind.

I have stated a couple of times now I know that I am not the intended audience / user for the platform primarily because I feel all forms of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram should be abolished. I think those platforms have been more of a detriment to society than it has helped. This is leaving censorship out of the equation. Meaning adding Censorship into the equation just pushes it more into the negative side of things.

As I gather the resources and information I am attempting to approach this as an outsider. What would I do for a coin/platform that I just heard about and how would I evaluate it and whether or not I would get involved based on that information.

I think taking this approach will help the Yen community focus on specific areas. I will also use the new coin evaluation sheet that we all love to use. I think this will be a good exercise of practicing what we preach.


I love this so much! This is why we value having you here… we need these perspectives to keep us honest and hungry!

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“YEN isn’t a social exchange. It is a Internet based decentralized family reunion of trolls, boobtubers and digital ninjas looking to change the way that once was. Lead by our Asian B-Boy crew.”

-CarlN Discord, October 26, 2018


As much as many of the pubbers like this many do not understand it as stated in Discord. My issue with using something like this or even posting it as an explanation is that it turns away potential new comers and possibly serious users. Whether it is true or not that statement sounds like a bunch of moronic clowns creating a coin.

It may be cool to use with in the tight knit community that is the cohorts / patreons or when talking over a few beers but if we want to grow the community this cannot be the explanation. In all honesty this should have stayed in Discord.

Not trying to rain on the parade or be the “party pooper” so to speak. Just saying that some stuff should stay with in and not be posted in a serious thread.


part of our ethos is to also not take ourselves too seriously… something that i firmly believe in. :slight_smile:


That was the intention in posting and linking his comment. Hopefully someone had a chuckle and a few smiles were birthed.

The nascent doc exists on here (via link to a google doc) where it’s “half serious” more final form, if it exists, will be visible when people outside our community come looking for it some time after Q2 of 2019.

Should have stayed on discord? It would have, if @peter hadn’t received it positively, and expressed that even members of this community don’t seem to understand the underlying message… There was no push back when I said the comment was making it into this thread, so here it goes.


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