Yen exchange Feb invites


Just wondering when the February yen patrons are getting their invites. Cheers


I think the best way will be to ask on


Feb 18th!

Look for an email from




Always growing. Maybe they’ll be the first to try out *inance…


Ayyy!!! February is going to be our best month yet!!


You guys just wait till I’m there…Then the real party begins. Till then, I’m stacking my memes.


Any emails being sent out yet by yen. Haven’t received one yet.


Hi, emails for February went out on Monday, could you dm me your email address so I can check if it bounced?


Hi sukim, yeah I’ve just received the link and will look at it when I get home. I was checking my junk folders the last few days in hope. Will let you know how things go. Thanking you.