Alpha Cohort CREATING Together - 1st purpose To Be Loved



We “wrapped up” the ALPHA Cohort. What a little community we became, spurring each other on to love and good deeds.

When is the time to create? ALWAYS NOW

We don’t know our final form. I was at church, heard a solid sermon and told my wife, “Wife, we are doing a LIVE stream on YouTube tonight at 6:30pm.” (we’ve never done one before) @SungshimLoppnow
Did the @booins see it?

Started to spread the word on FB, IG and The Pub and Discord.
Guess who showed up on the stream?
My YEN family. Including @dogelord and @8bitcoin among others. @kimchi (I’d say others, but don’t know their pub names) @Doge

Here is the first Live Stream for us. We had a blast! And, thank you for our little family.
Love you guys!

If you want to help us out, SUBSCRIBE, Smash the LIKE button, hit the bell. :slight_smile:

I call Peter, Pastor Peter. :slight_smile:
Check it out, we have a lot of fun and you can see how Peter & John show up. Means the world.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @dogelord display help.


This was most excellent!


I agree with Pastor Peter :wink: it was, indeed!
It was so great to see you @johnloppnow with your wife @SungshimLoppnow doing that stream!


We had a blast. And, what a JOY to see @peter and @john on the live stream, our 1st ever. That made it epic. Maybe @booins can be on the stream one day. We can dream. :slight_smile: