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April 7, 2019

Local visibility strategist discovered a need for marketing it’s community and set out on a journey to do just that, Chapter 2

In chapter one I briefly discussed the origins of where SkyDaisy Media was conceived and painted a contextual backdrop to help you understand what the journey entailed.

If you wish to start from the beginning, Click Here for Chapter 1

Lets take a trip in the ‘way back machine’ to 7 months ago when Fight Club was conceived.
Our fearless leader Peter Saddington wanted us to go, create and build. I took this literally.

As I mentioned previously, I started Fight Club to document the creative journey and to collect the digital tools necessary for the process.

I was very surprised to find out that there were a host of others builders who also had established and latent talents they were willing to expose to each other.

Chatting on Discord was super fun and sometimes categorically sought after for the simple fact it allowed like minded people to escape their everyday routines and to share their inner most thoughts and desires with invisible people who merely were voices in their heads…

We used to joke abt the voices in our heads when reading each others posts. It became an inside meeme joke to some degree, but soon faded away as our members became more in touch with who was on the receiving end.

As Fight Club began to grow in numbers we soon realized that we had a small community of digital content creators eager to learn, share, grow, and contribute their talents with everyone.

It soon dawned on me with all our combined talents we could build just abt anything we wanted to with the simple post to a thread and someone would respond with the needed links, tools, supplies, and contextual direction to lean towards.

It was great! We had just abt every tool and personal connection we needed to build just abt anything.

We wern’t the chattiest bunch though. We mostly wanted to find the tools particular to our needs and then go back to our holes creating and posting updates on our progress.

Feedback was a very important part of our personal growth processes.

Life was great. Everyone was creating their own little worlds and talking to voices in their heads.

Soon those little voices in my head started asking, “How are we going to sell and market our respective crafts?” Build a website of course.

So we started down that journey and I soon found my self at a cross road. Good lord this is a lot of work.

Who besides my community is going buy this stuff?

How in the world am I going to promote myself once I build all of this stuff?

This bothered me for quite some time.

I was already mid-stride creating a merch web-site and realized I had No One to market too respectively. Sure I could make cool ass website and make a couple sales here and there, but that was not enough.

I took a look around and everyone else was doing the same thing. Building websites, blogs, creating e-books, selling e-com and eating blueberries.

Me, being a bit OCD stopped everything and starting searching for the answer.

I can’t tell you exactly how the search started but I was already digging into e-com and watching just abt every free e-comm webinar I could get my hands on. Those e-comm guys were making loads of money but it still hadn’t clicked as to how they were doing it.

I then stubbled on Justin Sarde, a well established e-comm guru, and he was promoting a free webinar with the purchase of a promotional video software that he was using to expedite his YouTube video production.

By this time it was already a well established categorical fact that video content creation was the fastest way to promote one’s self to the public.

Peter had burned that into our thick skulls long before we even knew how the f*** we were supposed to do it.

I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, but I saw the potential of the software and it was within my price range, so I jumped on it.

Little did I know I had stumbled on the Holy Grail to marketing

Hey, call me slow to the slumber party, but at least I showed up, LoL

It all started to make sense, although once again, I had to go down another rabbit hole.
The bottom line was, if any of us wanted to make money and not spin our creative wheels into oblivion, we had to market our selves.

No one was going to hold our hands. I needed this just as much as the community did, but no one was doing it.

Sure we had a slue of YouTube content creators making videos but that too was just part of the marketing game.

The rabbit hole went deep.

It opened up a whole new reality to content creation froth with SEO, word count, Titles, sub-titles, descriptions, tags, key words, key word phrases, prediction words, anchor texts, Siloing, domain authority, citations, wholly crap, the list go’s on a on.

It took me months of research listening to YouTube videos 6 hours a day, 7 days a week, non stop, just to begin to understand the complexity of this marketing beast.

I honestly don't know where to begin explaining all of this to you.

The minute I think I know something, I’m proven wrong in the next breath. This is how the SEO and marketing world works.

It changes like the tides of the oceans, but sometimes you’ll find a rip-tide to pull you through without any effort. Conversely, you can’t fight a rip-tide if its in the wrong direction. Mmm, your pretty much screwed.

Look, Im just a small fish in an endless ocean of SEO experts on the inter-webs. However, there-in lies the problem we all face.

What is real and what is fake?
Who is right and who is wrong?
Who’s lying and who’s telling the truth?
Who are you supposed to trust?
WHAT are you supposed to trust?

My goodness, we’re all experiencing it, don’t lie, lol

One Thing I Know for Sure

It’s better to part of a community who you Know, Like, and Trust.

The power of a community driven platform such as the PUB and YEN is invaluable to the lone marketer.

If you can manage to corner a niche market before anyone else does, the sky just may be limit to your success.

In a future article, maybe the next one, Im still unsure, I will be revealing what I discovered abt the Hidden Power of the PUB and how it’s chatty big sister may just be the perfect “Yin to the Yang” that we needed.
Thank you for tuning in as I know your time is precious, which is why I intend to make it worth your while, especially if you are a content creator, local business, or a general Startup.

If you have already been on-boarded to YEN, you can find me here YEN%20contact%20logo

For more information with Online Visibility Marketing for Local Businesses please visit my SkyDaisy%20Media
You can also connect with me on LinkedIn%20Visibility%20Marketing%20Specialist%20logo
SkyDaisy%20Media%20YTAlso visit my YouTube channel to view promotional videos designed for Local Business Marketing & Online Visibility


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