Educational Video - "It's the Firmament"





omg. i just died. :deadpool:


Oh God. After the discussion of the way the yen logo looks, and now a “little boy” context. Ughhhh nambla cringe

Not like this


Classic…lol I am liking the logo though, simple and clean.


But I’m not a little boy.
Is this sight meant for me?


who is that clown? Pun intended!


@heavilyarmedclown you art skills are the firmament !!!


Wen Yen?
20 fkn characters


firmament eH? that my sir is quite a bold claim


Some feedback, if you havnt already thought of it for @peter @john

What would be useful in is a marketplace section. Where people can post things they want to sell in crypto and buyers can search in it.

Where I am, in New Zealand, there is no website that does this. So the first mover would be massive.

Similar to what Ebay does. Post photos, description, have a rating of the seller by feedback reviews. Trust rating. All laid out neatly on the page. Looking respectable, safe and formal.

And also open it to being country specific… So anywhere around the world can be filtered

The main benefit of a centralized system though, is fraud. So if someone paid for something and it never got posted that would he a problem. Visa and EBay would refund the buyer.

So in a decentralized, that would be harder to deal with…i don’t know the answer there.

Im sure you already have thought of it. But just in case.


Yeh. We talked about that on Patreon back in February. It’s going to be a feature.


I’m ready!


Exciting times! I can hardly stay in my seat. #yen #yenio


Where do I start with I want to learn and participate now, as before, I was not able to contribute. I would like to know where I can play catch up and where the starting place is, I really want to get behind this project, because it is needed in the space and will be incredible. Thanks to you genlteman, @john and @peter. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed.


Everything started here for cryptonauts

Make sure you will join as cryptonaut, we already started alpha class!


Last few days I’ve spent on Dapp’s.

I went through every single platform, which btw they all stands on being the best platform for decentralized applications :slight_smile:

I have seen Moist of them… ups I’m sorry I mean most of them :wink:
I can’t say a bit from tech side but just as user.
It’s unbelievable what is possible, but through my research I spot on something.

Man, We are the firmament, they do it again, copy us. :grin:

I really want go there one day.


it’s here in SF. next time i’m in that area (SOMA) i’ll take a picture for you @kimchi!


jesus christ, this video explains it perfectly.


Yoo. Thank you @john thank you very much!


I’m really glad this exists