Help us Gather Reserved Usernames and Crypto Terms


Hey all,

Need a bit of help here…

So, one of the unique opportunities that we have with a brand new social network is to make sure that fake accounts are limited as much as possible.

To do that we need to create a list of usernames that we want to reserve for the legitimate owner (i.e. “verified”).

I need help compiling a master list of crypto organizations (e.g. consensys, yenio, etc) and well-known youtubers and general crypto celebrities (vitalik, vitalikbuterin, vitalik_buterin) and iterations on them like so.

Finally, more commonly used crypto terms (perhaps someone can mine this resource and this for instance)…

Can anyone help?

What I don’t need is a list of coins and tokens… I got all those.

Thanks!! Credit and kudos and eternal glory for those that can help! Maybe some swag too…

If you’d like to reserve a username yourself, then, the only way to do that currently is through Patreon membership.


Hey John! Do you need an excel file or just list them all under this post?


Here’s a google sheet we can use to get all those “reserved usernames”, and their iterations, organized and in one place. Anyone can edit, make it better. Check the sheet tabs.

If you’d like to reserve a username yourself, then, the only way to do that currently is through Patreon membership .


Don’t forget to add “Dogelord” to that reserved list.


This just for the cohorts or for the whole Pub?


The sheet is open to everyone :slight_smile:


Well then name added!


I think these reserve names are for preparing for those mirror accounts that pretend to be the real deal…


mirror accounts? what is that?


I tried to argue that crypto adoption will only come with ETH giveaways by crypto celebrity doppelganger accounts, but they didn’t listen.


I’ll get to work…

I threw in about a hundred entries, someone feel free to go in after me and add variations…


I know there will be a problem with edit attribution, given the nature of a publicly shared doc. Thank you to all who have and will be contributing. The mission is larger than our individual efforts, but it’s built brick by brick. :beers:


I’m using it in context of like someone making a fake account of an individual to rip of would be followers of them…


will add a few let me see


Few youtubers added confirmed


appreciate that @andyramankapu!


Finally got my hands on it too! :grin: I added some organizations, personalities, youtubers and also created a new sheet for developers/github contributers


Should we be reserving our own username as well?


the list is developing nicely


Added one I follow which is Steven Aitchison from CYT Crypto out of Scotland.