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What / where are you today (whatcha working on)?

I’m partial to hexagons myself, but I do like the look of the one top left.


I prefer the hexagon too :+1:


i really like the pentagon and hexagon. The others look a lot like street signs


Pentagon on top left needs more Superman


Personally I like the seven sided design best. Kind of makes me think each side represents Peter& John, and the things they’ve built surrounding Yen. crypto yum, Bitcoin Pub, bite-size Bitcoin, decentralized TV, coin puffs and patreon.


I’d go for a triangle pointing up like this:

Why ? Triangles are the most “stable” and strong geometrical shapes, obviously it has to point up for two hidden reasons, one being a solid-wide base (harder to tip over) giving stability and the second because we see it as a pointing up or going up direction, you can relate it to success, wining, moving up, going in the right direction, you name it.

There is a reason why illuminati also uses a triangle pointing up :illuminati::fearful::tinfoilhat:



The circle and hexagon ones are nice.

Circle - Its already round like a coin.
Hexagon - Its the isometric view of a cube… or should I say Block!

Both are great. But seems that the hex is stronger.


all i see is a guy leaning back with a huge boner…


Oh no, can’t unsee sexual position.


The illuminati is deep in this post.

  1. I can really dig the Heptagon; it works and allows for alignment of all circuit stems to apexes of this polygon -if that’s a priority for one’s decision on these symbol variaties.

  2. Hexagon is naturally nice; but may be too common, as quite a few other icos may have chosen/used it already.

  3. Hmm …, I feel Pentagon can work better if pointed right side up; currently feels upside down to me. Highest apex corner up on top instead. I believe the current designs are trying to match the corners to the circuit stems, but may be it is not that necessary to do so (?)

  4. Circle & Y-Shaped Irregular Heptagon look alright; Irregular Heptagon is cute, but somehow feels limiting for a network symbol. Feels like a bookmark symbol to me. :slight_smile:

  5. Triangle sign; if flipped up with single apex on top would look less like a Yield sign to me. Hmm…, but when flipped up, seems to look like a Construction sign to me. Haha, I can’t make the triangle work for me yet.


I think simpler is usually better for mass appeal, so my choice is the circle. The others just remind me of traffic signs, or warning labels lol. You could further stylize the black and make a coin silhouette.


I will second your motion. Additionally the circle could be a gold coin similarly stylized to that of the old physical bitcoin.


Exactly my thoughts. The hex or the circle.


I have no idea why this was the first thing I saw when looking at the logo design–>

:joy::rofl::joy: I apologize for my dirty mind. But hey, sex sells. :wink: Yes, I like the circle suggestion.


You weren’t the only one buddy. You beat me to drawing it though lmao!
My apologies in advance @peter :joy::joy::rofl:


these are pretty amazing.


Y with circle seems good - accentuates the “coin” ness of crypto


The background whether a circle, hex, or whatever is fine. But to be 100% honest I saw 2 stick figures, like the right one leaning back and the left one reaching for the other one’s crotch. Maybe one of our artists above can draw this for me? What about instead of “Circles” for the tops of the “Y” you try a “block” that is wide at the base to differentiate the left and right angles of the Y.

Let me know what you guys think?