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This is also what I saw…the crypto community vs the banks. We are wearing the cowboy hat.


Your wish is my command…

And no I don’t know what’s with the cowboy hat and spur boots!!! Just feels natural… :joy::joy::rofl:

(Sorry AGAIN @peter :see_no_evil:)


Damn straight! Yeehawwwww!!! :horse_racing:t2:


A little twist on the logo which may keep the focus on the project rather than “screwing” around. :slight_smile:


Do you have an AI version of this?


Sorry I don’t… not a graphics artist so I just did a low res sample idea.


I saw this too. Those two line don’t have any other meaning.


Sorry about that. I meant to reply to Peter’s post :slight_smile: .


I like the circle. Maybe represent the circle of life, people…


I’m sure that was the “obvious” consideration from the beginning, but was evidently slashed for a reason…


@peter I’m not sure if this would’ve been disclosed to Patreons (if so, then you may choose to answer at your own discretion), but what’s the meaning behind choosing the name “Yen” since it conflicts with an existing fiat?



@MoneyMan :cowboy_hat_face: can’t be unseen.


#34 will never be the same again! We sure put meaning into the “i’s and o’s” being “input” and “output” :cowboy_hat_face:


Top left bro :ok_hand:

@moneyman thanks for this. Had to make it a creepy af cowboy :rofl:


top left as well. looks good.


Yen has subliminal messages, 10000%.

Patreon knows :slight_smile:


Made some quick wallpapers. Will make more, but starting simple for now.


Hello, I asked on Discord about someone selling t-shirts with the Yen logo.

Does anyone here know who is doing that and their website?



Anyone remember what it was on DISCORD who was selling the YEN t-shirt?