Yen.IO Logo Ideas


@Unpredictableacts The other project logos have been centered around a food theme as well, so combining the chopsticks with a bowl is not a bad move (chopstick “Y” maybe?). I was thinking “Yen” then chowmein and lowmein came to mind, so you should add some noodles to that bowl! :ramen:

That way we can have a full course meal and well balanced daily crypto diet! CoinPuffs in the morning :stew:, CryptoYum as a snack :cake:, Yen for lunch :ramen: and Pub in the evening! :beers:

Or maybe I’m getting carried away here… cryptonation got me badddddd!!! :doge::hulksmash:


oops, deleted by accident as i was editing it…

can i get a crack at it?



My thoughts exactly.

Mine was a quick hand drawing while I was treating a pt. Sometimes I just have to get ideas out on paper. See above.


I saw. Many of the greatest ideas and deals were done on a table napkin!


Which makes it even better.

Like the YUM logo i think the noodles with the “Y” need to be animated to fit the vibe.


dude, I like it, seriously I do. but it looks a little bit like a recycle symbol / human centipede


Lol. Thanks. That gif! Anyway, I figured it may need some people and depicting exchange and the Y in the middle for Yen. :thinking:


Had to Google that. Yep, they say the letter H are two men engaging in a Handshake. Interesting one.


Good reasoning, let us expand on that idea.


Bowl used for Asian cuisine…slightly tilted toward viewer to reveal content all while the side of the bowl can still be clearly seen.

Bowl filled with crumpled up $100 bills.

Chop stocks into $100 bills as if it were noodles.

YEN logo(or which ever Y symbol is choosen).

Has animated look(cartoonish if you will) similar to Crypto Yum and the Bitcoin pub logos.

Anyone want to mock up a few?

Who came up with those two logos originally? (Sorry I’m a 2018 recruit)


I’ve been away from the pub for some time now, but I managed to spare some time to design this extremely awesome YEN logo. Enjoy! :joy:

(click to reveal this awesomeness)


“History began July 4th 1776, everything before that was a mistake”


My vote is for the human centipede logo lol




one of my favorites, for sure.




I liked these that you made @heavilyarmedclown


aw that yen money is nice @heavilyarmedclown


Tactical sells these days



I actually like this logo alot



I cleaned them up a bit

oops accidently summoned the bot LOL