Yen.IO Logo Ideas


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @dogelord display help.


That second logo has soul. Just complete the ā€œnā€.



Japanese Enso:


Plus Logo Concepts:


Plus Yen Caligraphy:

Concept sketch to ink:

To Computer:


If there are any great artists out there who are great at touch ups and can make the yellow look Gold or some other color, or the YEN look various shades of silver, please feel free.

If anybody could tell me how to turn these into transparent files, Iā€™d appreciate it.



I think the yen logo needs more pub. Iā€™m not an artist :sob:


Figured out that a Splash of red from the Japanese flag makes the gold lettering pop a bit better.


More solid Silver options:


Last Post I swear! The more I kept looking at it the more the lettering was bothering me! 2 different options for second design.



Concept art.


YEN dot Enernity