Yen.IO Logo Ideas


GSupponelli: wow, impressive skills


yea, I thought so too. Thanks for noticing that.


This one!

But “DecentraliSed”?

needs a block of color. Maybe?


I didn’t spell that, David BB submitted that. I just helped him with his logo.
We wont hold it against him.


Ok gotcha.

DecentraliSed but with the back ground black and lettering white


I do not take any credit for this design.


I love it to be honest


Its fucking cool. aflkjasdklfjalksd


I made this Sleek & simple look -->
or this one -->



I like it. Reminds me of Tommy Hilfiger design, or Polo or somthing






Third from the top with the square…the E is cool, however I think there is a desire to have the "Y"be the symbol.

At the same time does it change the vibe with a different color other than red?


And Peter…I realize that you named the item “Yen” but is your goal to create an Asian vibe? I think that in itself may help direct the thread in a more focused direction.

So do you guys want something that screams Asian ICO or maybe something that lets the world know that, “Yeah we are Americans, the land of that great melted pot, and we know our Blockchain and blockchain accessories as well as anyone!”


1776 has its consequences…


Whats that mean? Revolution?


Added Coin Puffs and Pub icon to YumYum, cool guys! ; )


ocd alert, ocd alert… not aligned xD


I like the green versions as they seem to fit with the product line up closer than the others that I have seen.


If it doesn’t need to fit with the previous product lines then this is my favorite.

A lot of good work here and some :poop: just like the crypto space in general. LOL


Logos needs more Doge driving a Lambo while firing miniguns at BCash. :gun: