Yen.IO Logo Ideas


this is probably the worst one.



Thought I’d give it a try; I like the one John generated using AI tho


Very rough concept. The right-most portion of the Y is formed by upward moving candles, green for effect, or just left black for simplicity. The same is done for the downward facing middle portion of the N. The upward movement of the last portion of the end could be a large green candle, I couldn’t wrangle the green marker back to color it.

Something similar to my concept would relay the purpose of, is readable (Gestalt aspects), could subtly show “candles” of different types but comes off sharply (a little too masculine?), and the upward moving end of the N (in green) could work positively. Leaving the E untouched keeps the Gestalt in check, the horizontal lines of the E are (according to shape theory) associated with community.

I’m not sure about whether to emphasize the .IO domain as part of “the name”. We are fairly used to .com and no longer refer to anything along with it’s .com “”. Many people use their address bar to access websites by performing a search. As long as google knows where to send them, they are happy. Something to consider.



Flip the " N" backwards resulting in an upward trend?


This is actually a super cool design, that said, I’m guessing they want a visual that reflects parity versus volatility


Quick sketch. I’m treating an old biddy.


Off of your drawing:


YEN is not an easy concept, try to have a minimalistic approach. It should not take you more than 2 seconds reading the logo no matter how small or big it shows.
Zoom out until the logo isa bout 2 x 2 cm and check again if it’s messing some details than it’s probably too much details, try to simplify it maybe.


Can you try one edit? Make the right-most part of the N a green candle (a reversal).


HMmm… ok here we go, with and without Reversal Pinbar lol



Thinking about a different style of lettering, perhaps in motion…


Counterbalance a word hard to balance with the y and the n flare down on y, up on the n…

If u wanted to draw a line and plot those 2 endpoints, giving symmetry

showing Markey uptrend, you could overlay that between the endpoints on the y and n




Feeling this last one but can you do a few in other colors?


I can’t think of any colors that would be better than black (yes, it’s a shade) for the the letters. I think what may work better is to scale the letters down thinner.

edit: I was referencing the sketch done off my chicken scratches.


great idea. Has potential.


Yep here you go:






Turquoise one…use the “Y” logo as the “Y” in the word YEN.

Maybe one where the box around the “Y” is squared off as well as the letters(EN)?

Here is a crazy idea…black “Y” logo…the white area…go 80’s pink. Just for shits and gigs


I like these, maybe the best so far imho