Yen.IO Logo Ideas


These are all so great!
WE’re pulling all of these and using them for inspiration!!!


Here you go -->

Black & 80’s Pink lol!


In hell, it’s pastel



OK so on the Y logo…black and no turquoise. And yes that 80’s pink! Special if you remember the 80’s. Epic

Maybe EN thinly outlined in black.

Thanks for doing this. I can draw my ass off with pen and pencil but never picked up on photo shop or whatever you guys are using.


Photo shop …



Oh and…
“Trust Sessions.”


There we go, I agree, it looks pretty good like that.



One shilling, lol


Doge Den.


This “Y” logo reminds me of a Spartan war helmet. SURVIVE!



I’m thinking…
Top one

Keep this Logo as is. Use " rounded turquoise letters with the " EN". One with the EN shadowed(as you did initially) and one with the EN thinly bordered in black.

This is tough. One wrong triangle or all seeing and Eye and both John and Peter instantly considered Rothschilds and the world will assume they eat human meat.


Thats alot of pink hehehe,


Mark Zuckerberg getting roasted on CBSN live, lol!


Luv it…


Here you go:
Round Turq. EN w/Shadow

Round Turq. EN w/Black outline:

I had to round the Y logo to make it blend better. But here’s one with squared logo:

This ones NASTY…hehe (I made the “Y” specifically to the shape of Baphomet’s head for the record.) :rofl: jk…


I really like a bunch of these!
Been toying around with this one this morning.


Maybe dumb of me but I’m kinda digging the top one. Not sure why exactly. Just seems like something that I’d like to click and check out. Some of these current " Crypto" logos with their triangles and sharp laser beams angles have run this course.


Fixed it!



HOme page “Community Build, No One Left Out” lol!