Yen.IO Logo Ideas


Win on the above billboard!

My free hand…


@ Unpredictableacts: Updated .io home page : )


Update: Three hours into the Zuckerburg roast. Not one mention abt Facebook mining Monero to Mr. Zucker. Im still waiting for some one to ask this question. : )



YES! the chop sticks comment!


Updated to home page poster ; )


Keep running with this concept chopsticks nice touch


Glad y’all like the concept. Any ideas on software to use for making logos? I just used a random free one I searched for but had to take a picture with my phone as I didn’t want to agree to their terms if I saved it directly lol.


Chopsticks as the logo?

Anyway to make them resemble a “Y”?


Decentralized Social Exchange
Feed your portfolio


The Hambergler, wtf!


I’ll snatch yo burga


My take on the whole Chopstick theme…
Hmmm, sort of looks like a Ramen shop logo lol…



Speaking of ramen shop, I was just finishing this one up when you posted lol. Unfortunately I think the chopsticks in this look a bit more live a v but just sharing the ideas. I do really like the usb symbol as the e though.

I also feel so dumb for how I captured the first one, for some reason I completely forgot about the snipping tool for taking screen shots :upside_down_face:


This actually has lots of promise the y is well executed … I would rev that with font / color variation


Cool idea, but the first thing I saw was ‘Vino’, lol!,


@bitbromy @powerofknowledge Yen homepage updated



colour psychology. if you know what it means.


@erics the right top needs little adjustment, and it looks great!


whats wrong with the top right?