Yen.IO Logo Ideas


bahaha i like your profile backdrop xD :heart:


The fade grabs my attention, I’m not sure if it’s a transparent gradient or a white one. Try to give it more edge, maybe add some blue?


Can you like do more of these too :joy: I’ve set the one with John in a pub as background


the one with john in the pub? the warcraft one? xD

ohhhh myyy WoW addiction is coming back for Battle for azeroth god damn…

im working on some stuff, i will be releasing some interesting things. hope the nation can support my dream <3


this one :doge::saitama:


haha my designs and skills have improved a lot since then. it actually amazes me…
if you play wow, let me know if you can tell where this is :wink:

always so damn motivating when i see people use the things i create. must be the exact same feeling that @john @peter feels when they work on their projects.

much love :heart:


I thought the background was random, have never played wow before :sweat_smile:
That’s natural dope! :joy: I’m glad you’re enjoying the ride! mad respect mate :heart:


A sizemic shift in your pajies, wtf, now Ive heard it all Peter. lol!
No wait, it was Tight as a po-se’, yea. omg.


:chart: :energypack: INI

:yen: :energypack: INI

Make the N like chart candles though, green pump up, red slippage down, then make the end of the N a bigger green candle. I strongly believe the Y should be the official ¥eN symbol.


Great job on and by the way. Logos are on point there.

I really like how cryptoyum is organized and has the night mode option. Perhaps y’all can add the night mode to coinpuffs too, just a minor detail.



Ps. Just noticed that is not https. Any particular reason why?

EDIT: updates are coming :slight_smile: that is why :smiley:


Did a quick mock up of my take on the YEN logo.


Is that “F” above the “Y”?

As in F*ckYou? Lol!!! The market is green today.


lol, look mum i made it! my designs on raven skys work! xD


lol! …:joy:

#137 home page update: John’s icon is wearing a red tie now.


bahahahahaha… xD


Im never gunna get over the Taco Yen, lol!!



Dammit RavenSkyDaisy you started it… Look what you did!
Peter just poking fun…