Yen.IO Logo Ideas


That was funny, so much explosion in the belly lol


Ok I apologize Peter this is much more EPIC -->


OMG why didn’t I think of this lol




Do u have a still of Peter with tightie whities on his head? I couldn’t remember which stream had the undies.


Threw this together… lol


:+1:This is very nice


Wow I step away for 12 hours and project YEN logo has turned into some acid trip Bob Ross special. Come on guys…focus


Sure do!!

#152 home page updated courtesy of @bitbromy:



Doge Nation


a nation of dogeeeeeeesss!


So what would the make the people of YEN, Yens’ or Yeniens’ or Yenees’?,:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’m lost.
or Yenetarians, lol! only eat crypto:laughing:



Js b djd I sha I z


Is that like a barista ? One who servers the crypto nation?






Here ya go! :sunglasses:
Best I can do with hand drawn art. Anything more extensive will take more time than I have available. Nice drawing though.


@Unpredictableacts @KeenCrypto

YEN home page updated


My goodness, I hope we’re at least one step closer to a logo for YEN. Any updates Peter? I think your logo buy wall has cleared the order books lol! Ok then. :wink:

YEN TACO wink wink