Yen.IO Logo Ideas



This logo idea( hits me today. I am sure you will find a better version of fork and doge.


Some of you may have seen this. I can do a finalized version tonight if I have time. Hell. I can even make coins for it!


thats pretty cool. Would nice to see a digital version. That would even be a challenge for me to recreate. Nice job.


or could use greater/lesser signs > < (smiles)






this thread keeps getting better and better.


Damn! This is what I miss when I have to check out to take care of real world shit! Lol

Well, peter and john have already seen these… Might as well throw it in for the rest of the pub to see and share opinions. Maybe come up with more designs if i can manage the time.


For President:us: (no homo)


Had some free time finally, threw this together, I had a bunch of different mockups thought this was the coolest although it might be a little complex for a logo. I flipped the E and worked the N into the rocket and I forked 2 N’s one is backwards. I took the lines from the standard Yen symbol and moved them up further onto the Y to give it a different identity but some similarity. Japan’s flag is red and white so utilized these colors and created a quarter crimson moon to land the Yen rocket onto lol to the moon crypto nation with!


As above so below. :eye:


Just playing with design, thought it looked good…


I noticed the logo patterns in this thread stems around the actual word/text of “”. However, reflecting on the existing project lineups (such as CoinPuffs, CryptoYum, TheBitcoinPub) we can see that their logos favoured the graphical aspect rather than the textual aspect. I know that @peter and @john already have the final logo design. So the design question is, how would you graphically visualize Yen? And how close does your design fit in with the final design? Can’t wait to see!


We don’t have anything locked in just yet!


Ah shucks! My bad lol!


I think the reason everyone is going off the Letters “YEN” is that, for most of us, when I see/read the word YEN, money comes to mind. The Japanese Yen to be exact. so, we can’t copy their symbol, and which is why all the lettering comes up in everyone’s design. I’d like to see which design John and Peter have chosen. YEN is a difficult one to muster up. We will have to go off what Yen is about to find the sweet spot. A decentralized Exchange… Oh, an idea has just come to mind. Let’s see if I can turn it into an image. How about hands, maybe a pair of hands in a handshake as to exchange value for something, an agreement of some sort. What do you think @MoneyMan ? What comes to mind?


@bitbromy When I think about an exchange, my networking background comes to mind. Traffic (transactions) coming and going. So best way to portray that would be to use arrows coming and going and working around that. Maybe even using them to form a “Y”…which also has a “Trinity” feel to it being 3 equal sprangs. I’m not a logo designer by any means by I whipped up some rough sketches of my ideas by playing around with some images. Lemme know what yall think:


Yen%20Logo2 Yen%20Logo3

Yen%20Logo4 Yen%20Logo5


My two favourites are the first one and the third one, because the third one resembles a ninja shuriken… which is Japanese… and silent as a ninjaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! :sunglasses::doge:


Isn’t the Honda logo two men sharing a hand shake?


I was thinking that there needed to be a logo. Something that could easily be recognized as without straight forward saying

In this i took some other ideas with the chopsticks and went with a bowl of noodles(food). Seems like most Asian food places offer “family” style dinning. Which in my mind is sharing. Sharing of info, stories, knowledge…plus who doesn’t love eating?…Feed your portfolio!