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SkyDaisy Media Leads to Business: Helping local businesses drive Targeted Traffic to their website, Build your Brand, and provide a highly effective “Business Building Method” to get more exposure on Google.

This is kind of a work in progress post.

Im currently building out my new website and in the beginning stages of developing my landing page.

So Im kinda using this as my test landing page for editing and what not.

It will probably get edited multiple times and help me layout the specific target objectives I need to present.

The Landing Page Banner was specifically designed to mimic some of the most highly successful Sales Funnels on the market.

Not my favorite style of marketing art work but for conversions sake, we need to test what is already working for other highly successful marketers.

So for now this banner will be a bench mark for others wishing to create sales funnels as well.

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SkyDaisy Media is Not Your Typical ‘Marketing’ Tool for Local Businesses. Part 2

SkyDaisy is a Business Building Tool

We Build Your Business by overwhelming Google searches with content driven marketing material that STAYS on Google, and doesn’t disappear over night when the money runs out.

Traditional online marketing is focused on pay-per-clicks designed to make Google lots of money regardless if you get sales or not.

If you think your the only person using Google Ads for your services, you are very wrong.

The more competition you have for your specific services in your local area the more diluted your Google ads become.

You have to Stand Out from the crowd and NOT do what everyone else is doing if you want to draw in more traffic to your business website.

Google Ads are Like Renting your home

SkyDaisy Marketing is not interesting in Renting anything.

We’re interested in Owning Real Estate.

GOOGLE Real Estate.

There are 4 Lots of Prime Real Estate Available on the First Page of Google.

We Want to Own All of It.

If you are looking for an expanded understanding of Googles 4 Lots of Prime Real Estate, please visit here: Page One Google - The Holy Grail

Click HERE for Part 1 if you wish to start at the beginning of this Landing Page Documentation for


Part 3

Securing Your Google Real Estate

Step 1
SkyDaisy uses its connections with the Media and publishes a News Article specifically tailored to promote your services.

After your News Article is published to our various White Hat media outlets you will find something similar to this representing your Newly Acquired Google Real Estate in the search results.

Here is another example below


Begin Remodeling

Step 2
Lets take a closer look inside your newly acquired real estate news article that has been written on your behalf, painting your companies services in a positive light.

Here is a snapshot of the content highlighting your specific services of your real estate.

Please feel free to read the entire article to get more familiar with the contents of your newly acquired real estate: Fernandina Beach FL Cabinet Refinishing Painting & Refacing Services Announced

Here is a snapshot of the second example for BlueBarnFarms.

Again, please feel free to read the entire article to get more familiar with the contents of your newly acquired real estate: Blueberry Farm Girl of Mississippi Reveals Secret Jam & Jelly Collection

Doors Open for Business

Step 3
Lets take a broader look of the Google real estate acquired with the first example

Everything Kitchen & Bath has acquired two of the four Prime Real Estate positions on this particular search result for “Fernandina Beach Cabinet Refinishing”

Over time, with multiple land-grab marketing campaigns, EK&B may acquire All four Prime Real Estate positions.

This will take time however, because EK&B offers a wide variety of custom home remodeling services.

They may choose to focus their efforts on Land Grabbing more important Google searches, say for example, “Custom Kitchen Cabinets Installations.”

Here is a broader look at Blue Barn Farms acquired Google real estate. has completely taken over All Four of Googles Prime Real Estate positions for the search result associated with, “lucedale mississippi blueberry jam”.

Lets take a step back for a moment

Using Blue Barn Farms as an example.

  • Who are you immediately drawn to in this Google search for Blueberry Jam?
  • Who do you feel is the “Authority” on blueberry jam?
  • Who do you trust more, ‘BlueBarnFarms’ or ‘Douglas Blueberry Farm’ ?
  • Who would you refer to your family member to first?
  • Who’s Brand are you more likely to remember next time you go searching for Jam or Jelly?
  • You may find this next question childish, but “Who do you think cares more abt their business”?

The psychology behind what you have just witnessed is a Stark Reality that we as consumers rarely acknowledge or are even aware of when we are searching for products and services on Google.

Would you agree that it is better to own all Four real estates rather than just One or even Two?

Owning All Four is not out of the question but typically requires highly focused marketing campaigns and for multiple months depending on the competition in our area.

Click HERE for Part 1 if you wish to start at the beginning of this Landing Page Documentation for

Click HERE for Part 2


I think using the real estate agent analogy is a good one that people will get immediately… nice job developing your stuff…


Thanks dude. Yeah, it just hit me the other day. I had to find a way to relate to people with this marketing.
I think I hit the nail on the head with it.
Thanks alot man; )


I used to have screenshots where my most profitable niche ($2m net in 18m) covered all 10 places on the first page for local targeted traffic.


Thats the line of thinking I’m trying to get across here.

Its not enough to just be on the first page of Google anymore.

It just means your competing with 12 to 20 other competators on the first page.

You’ve got to Own the first page, or at least the TOP 4 positions of Real Estate.

Thanks for validating Blynker



This is a quick snap shot of my home page .

I lost track of time as to how long I’ve been working on this website.

I’ve never used WordPress before so there were a few learning curves when I started. Thanks to Trilamanila we were able to work through some of the coding errors to maintain momentum.

One of the main reasons for taking so long was testing the marketing methods and collecting enough data to support the content within my website.

I needed my copy to have authoritative weight behind it and the only way to accomplish that was testing Google rankings with my marketing articles over the course of 5 months.

To say the least, I learned quite a lot abt Google and how it reacts to the marketing methods I’ll be using.

What’s Up Next?

The next experiment I’ll be conducting is how fast I can take TWO completely NEW websites, with NO domain authority ie and, and get them on the first page of Google.

Two Objectives

  1. How fast can I dominate page One of Google with just my press releases alone, and
  2. How fast I can get the actual websites to the first page of Googles organic searches.

Getting a brand new website to show up on the first page of Google search results is no easy task unless I SEO super easy key words not normally used or associated with the target industry.

Anyone can get on the first page of Google if easy Key Word phrases are used, but the real challenge is to get a new website ranking for moderate KeyWords so it appears more authoritative in Google search results.

I have a sneaky suspicion getting my new website to rank on Goolge My Business Top 3 suggestions in local search results will be easy.

My marketing methods have proven to get local businesses ranking on their local GMB in less than 14 days.

I will be documenting the process of Zero to Hero on a dedicated page on my website.

The hope is, I will be successful enough to later then offer this type of service to NEW websites looking to sling shot themselves to page One rather than waiting years to get there.

Closing Out

This has been a long time coming and Im very excited to launch the site.

I will make a public announcement here and also in the YEN chat once the bugs have been worked out of the soft launch here in a week or two.


THIS is the Experiment I am most looking forward to Raven! Can’t wait to call on you for your services! :muscle::fried_egg::ramen::beers::grin:


Can’t wait to be of service to you buddy: ) I still need to branch out and do so some experimenting with e-commerce and product based websites such as yours.

The marketing methods used for e-comm, affiliates, and apparel are a little more involved due to the salesy nature, but it can be done.

You may be my first experiment with e-comm and apparel when it comes down to it.


Sounds like you got a Deal there good buddy!


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